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Details for: Crataegus monogyna

Source: Kurtto, A. (2009): Rosaceae (pro parte majore). In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Crataegus monogyna Jacq.
Nomencl. ref.: Fl. Austriac. 3: 50. 1775
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Rosales Bercht. & J. Presl
                              Familia - Rosaceae
                                   Genus - Crataegus L.
Homotypic synonyms: Mespilus monogyna (Jacq.) All.
Oxyacantha monogyna (Jacq.) M. Roem.
Crataegus oxyacantha subsp. monogyna (Jacq.) Syme
Mespilus oxyacantha subsp. monogyna (Jacq.) Čelak.
Heterotypic synonyms: Crataegus aegeica Pojark.
Crataegus aguilaris Sennen
Crataegus alemanniensis Cinovskis
Crataegus alutacea Klokov
Crataegus apiifolia Medik., nom. illeg.
Crataegus azarella Griseb.
Crataegus borealoides R. Döll
Crataegus bracteolaris Gand.
Crataegus brevispina Kunze
Crataegus chlorocarpa Gand. [non Lenné & K. Koch 1855]
Crataegus cuneata Halácsy [non Siebold. & Zucc. 1845]
Crataegus curvisepaloides R. Döll
Crataegus debeauxii Gand. & Debeaux
Crataegus dissecta Borkh., nom. illeg.
Crataegus diversifolia (Pers.) M. Roem.
Crataegus elegans (Poir.) Mutel
Crataegus floribunda Gand.
Crataegus granatensis Boiss.
Crataegus hirsuta Schur
Crataegus inermis Sennen [non Sessé & Moç. 1888]
Crataegus insegnae (Guss.) Bertol.
Crataegus integerrima R. Döll
Crataegus intermedia Schur
Crataegus jacquinii (A. Kern.) Dalla Torre & Sarnth.
Crataegus krima R. Döll
Crataegus krumbholzii R. Döll
Crataegus kyrtostyla Fingerh.
Crataegus lamprophylla Gand.
Crataegus lasiocarpa Lange
Crataegus leiomonogyna Klokov
Crataegus lipskyi Klokov
Crataegus maroccana Pers.
Crataegus maura L. f.
Crataegus oligacantha Gand.
Crataegus orientobaltica Cinovskis
Crataegus panachaica C. K. Schneid.
Crataegus parvifolia Lojac. [non Sol. 1789]
Crataegus paucifoliata Pau
Crataegus petiolulata Gand
Crataegus popovii Chrshan.
Crataegus praearmata Klokov
Crataegus pulchella Gand.
Crataegus segobricensis (Pau) Willk.
Crataegus septempartita Pojark.
Crataegus stevenii Pojark.
Crataegus subborealis Cinovskis
Crataegus subintegriloba Pojark.
Crataegus sublucens Gand.
Crataegus subserrata Gand.
Crataegus thyrsoidea Gand.
Crataegus triloba Poir.
Crataegus villosa Peterm. [non Thunb. 1784]
Crataegus xeromorpha Pojark.
Mespilus brevispina (Kunze) E. H. L. Krause
Mespilus diversifolia (Pers.) Poir.
Mespilus elegans Poir.
Mespilus fissa Poir.
Mespilus insegnae Guss.
Mespilus maroccana (Pers.) Poir.
Mespilus maura (L. f.) Poir.
Mespilus oliveriana Poir. [non Dum. Cours. 1811]
Mespilus polyacantha Guss.
Mespilus triloba (Poir.) Poir.
Oxyacantha apiifolia (Mutel) M. Roem.
Oxyacantha azarella (Griseb.) M. Roem.
Oxyacantha elegans (Poir.) M. Roem.
Oxyacantha granatensis (Boiss.) M. Roem.
Oxyacantha kyrtostyla (Fingerh.) M. Roem.
Crataegus azarolus subsp. triloba (Poir.) Nyman
Crataegus curvisepala subsp. colorata Hrabětová
Crataegus monogyna subsp. aegeiga (Pojark.) Franco
Crataegus monogyna subsp. aguilaris (Sennen) Sennen
Crataegus monogyna subsp. azarella (Griseb.) Franco
Crataegus monogyna subsp. brevispina (Kunze) Franco
Crataegus monogyna subsp. inermis Sennen
Crataegus monogyna subsp. insegnae (Guss.) Lange
Crataegus monogyna subsp. intermedia (Schur) Pénzes
Crataegus monogyna subsp. jacquinii Pénzes
Crataegus monogyna subsp. latiloba Hrabětová
Crataegus monogyna subsp. leiomonogyna (Klokov) Franco
Crataegus monogyna subsp. nordica Franco
Crataegus monogyna subsp. plesivecensis Hrabětová
Crataegus monogyna subsp. polyacantha (Guss.) Nyman
Crataegus monogyna subsp. tauscheri Pénzes
Crataegus oxyacantha subsp. maura (L. f.) Maire
Invalid designations: Crataegus monogyna subsp. acutiloba, des. inval.
Misapplied names: "Crataegus laciniata" sec. auct.
"Crataegus microphylla" sec. auct.
"Crataegus oxyacantha" sec. auct.
Common names: abillurri (Euskera), abilurri (Euskera), abilurria (Euskera), abreüller (Catalan), abronceiro (Portuguese), agraüller (Catalan), aguapero (Spanish, Castillian), amajueta (Spanish, Castillian), amayuelo (Spanish, Castillian), anguilurri (Euskera), añurriatze (Euskera), arajolas (Spanish, Castillian), arance (Spanish, Castillian), arañón blanco (High Aragonese), arañoné (Catalan), arañoné (Valencian), arañonera (Catalan), arañonera (Valencian), arantza (Euskera), arantzalarr (Euskera), arantze (Euskera), arantzuri (Euskera), arantzuria (Euskera), aranza churia (Euskera), aranze (Euskera), arbulloner (Catalan), arç (Catalan), arç (Valencian), arç biruler (Catalan), arç blanc (Catalan), arç blanc (Valencian), arç brueller (Catalan), arç negre (Catalan), arços (Catalan), arços blanç (Catalan), arços negres (Catalan), arguller (Catalan), arhantze (Euskera), arn (Catalan), arn blanc (Catalan), arreliquias (Euskera), arriola (Euskera), arrol (Euskera), arrolica (Euskera), ars (Catalan), ars blanc (Catalan), ars blanch (Catalan), ars espinós (Catalan), arsino (Spanish, Castillian), arsino (Valencian), arto (Aragonese), arto (High Aragonese), arto (Spanish, Castillian), arto benenoso (Aragonese), arto blanco (Aragonese), arto blanco (High Aragonese), arto blanco (Spanish, Castillian), arto de manzaneta (Aragonese), arto de manzaneta (High Aragonese), arto de manzaneta (Spanish, Castillian), arto marino (Aragonese), arto marino (High Aragonese), arto motillero (High Aragonese), arto motillonero (Aragonese), arto motillonero (Spanish, Castillian), arto venenoso (Aragonese), arto venenoso (High Aragonese), aspil (Euskera), aspila (Euskera), atzeroler bord (Valencian), babatxi (fruto) (Euskera), babatxi (Spanish, Castillian), babuller (Catalan), barzero de manzaneta (Aragonese), barzero de manzaneta (High Aragonese), berguller (Catalan), beruller (Catalan), biesca (Asturian), bizcoba (Spanish, Castillian), bizcoda (Spanish, Castillian), bizcodeña (Spanish, Castillian), bizcosa (Euskera), bizkota (Euskera), botironero (Aragonese), botironero (Spanish, Castillian), braguller (Catalan), branca-espina (Portuguese), branca-espinha (Portuguese), brauller (Catalan), breüller (Catalan), cachimirón (High Aragonese), cachimironero (Aragonese), cachimironero (High Aragonese), cachimironero (Spanish, Castillian), cambrulheiro (Portuguese), camicherón (Aragonese), camicherón (Spanish, Castillian), camicheronero (Aragonese), camichirón (Aragonese), carapiteiro (Portuguese), carcabollero (Spanish, Castillian), carcabollo (Spanish, Castillian), carriscol (Euskera), cerecico de pastor (Spanish, Castillian), cerezo de pastor (Spanish, Castillian), cirer de pastor (Catalan), cirer de pastor (Majorcan), cirera de pastor (Catalan), cireras de pastor (Majorcan), cirerata de pastor (Catalan), cirerer (Catalan), cirerer d´espinal (Valencian), cirerer de guineu (Catalan), cirerer de la Mare de Deu (Catalan), cirerer de la Mare de Déu (Catalan), cirerer de pastor (Catalan), cirerer de pastor (Majorcan), cirerer de pastor (Valencian), cirerer del Bon pastor (Catalan), cirereta (Catalan), cirereta de pastor (Catalan), cireretes de la Mare de Déu (Catalan), cireretes de pastor (Catalan), cireretes de pastor (fruto) (Catalan), cireretes de pastor (Valencian), combroeira (Galician), combroeira (Portuguese), corona de Cristo (Asturian), crambulheiro (Portuguese), cratego (Portuguese), craüller (Catalan), cuesco (Spanish, Castillian), cuescos (fruto) (Aragonese), elhorri (Euskera), elorri (Euskera), elorri churiya (Euskera), elorri txuri (Euskera), elorri zuri (Euskera), elorri zuria (Euskera), elorri zuriya (Euskera), elorria (Euskera), elorri-txuri (Euskera), elorritxurri (Euskera), elorri-zirill (Euskera), elorsizuriyak arancibia (Euskera), elosika (Euskera), enrolica (Euskera), eñurri (Euskera), eriz (Catalan), eriz (Valencian), escajo (Spanish, Castillian), escalambrón (Galician), escalheiro (Galician), escalheiro (Portuguese), escambrón (Aragonese), escambrón (Galician), escambrón (Spanish, Castillian), escambrulheiro (Portuguese), escambuñeiro (Galician), escaramiñeiro (Galician), escaramiñeiro (Portuguese), escaramuñeiro (Galician), escaramuñeiro (Portuguese), escaramunheiro (Portuguese), escrambulheiro (Galician), escrambulheiro (Portuguese), escuero (Spanish, Castillian), espí (Catalan), espí blanc (Catalan), espín (Asturian), espina (Asturian), espina (Spanish, Castillian), espina blanca (Asturian), espinablo (High Aragonese), espinablo (Spanish, Castillian), espinal (Catalan), espinal (Majorcan), espinal (Spanish, Castillian), espinal (Valencian), espinal mallol (Catalan), espinal ver (Valencian), espinalb (Catalan), espinalbo (Spanish, Castillian), espinaler (Majorcan), espinall (Catalan), espinau (Catalan), espinaubo (Catalan), espinaula (Aragonese), espinaula (High Aragonese), espinaula (Spanish, Castillian), espineira (Spanish, Castillian), espineiro (Asturian), espiñeiro (Galician), espineiro albar (Galician), espiñeiro albar (Galician), espineiro alvar (Portuguese), espinera (Asturian), espinera (Spanish, Castillian), espinera blanca (Asturian), espinera blanca (Spanish, Castillian), espinera brava (Spanish, Castillian), espinera de monte (Spanish, Castillian), espineru (Asturian), espinha alvar (Portuguese), espinha branca (Galician), espinha branca (Portuguese), espinha-branca (Portuguese), espinheiro albar (Galician), espinheiro alvar (Galician), espinheiro alvar (Portuguese), espinheiro alvar de casca verde (Portuguese), espinheiro branco (Galician), espinheiro branco (Portuguese), espinheiro ordinario de flor branca (Portuguese), espinheiro-alvar (Portuguese), espinheiro-branco (Portuguese), espinheiro-ordinário (Portuguese), espino (Aragonese), espino (Asturian), espiño (Galician), espino (High Aragonese), espino (Spanish, Castillian), espino albar (Aragonese), espiño albar (Galician), espino albar (High Aragonese), espino albar (Spanish, Castillian), espino amuleto (Spanish, Castillian), espino biscobeño (Spanish, Castillian), espino bizcobeño (Spanish, Castillian), espino bizcodeño (Spanish, Castillian), espino blanco (Spanish, Castillian), espiño bravo (Galician), espiño cambrón (Galician), espino de amayuelo (Spanish, Castillian), espino de flor aromática (Spanish, Castillian), espino de flor blanca (Spanish, Castillian), espino de majoleta (Spanish, Castillian), espino de majuelas (Spanish, Castillian), espino de majuelo (Spanish, Castillian), espino de majuelos (Spanish, Castillian), espino de olor (Spanish, Castillian), espino garaminal (Spanish, Castillian), espino graminal (Spanish, Castillian), espino machugal (Spanish, Castillian), espino macoleto (Spanish, Castillian), espino maholeto (Spanish, Castillian), espino majolero (Spanish, Castillian), espino majoletero (Spanish, Castillian), espino majoleto (Spanish, Castillian), espino majuelero (Spanish, Castillian), espino majuelo (Aragonese), espino majuelo (Spanish, Castillian), espino majuetero (Spanish, Castillian), espino majueto (Spanish, Castillian), espino majuleto (Spanish, Castillian), espino negro (Spanish, Castillian), espino picón (Spanish, Castillian), espino-majoleto (Spanish, Castillian), espino-majuelo (Spanish, Castillian), espino-marjoleto (Spanish, Castillian), espinu (Asturian), espinu albal (Asturian), espinu albar (Asturian), espinu blancu (Asturian), espinu blanqueru (Asturian), espinu machu (Asturian), espiñuelo (Spanish, Castillian), espiñuelos (Spanish, Castillian), esterpete (Galician), estrapoeiro (Portuguese), estrepeiro (Galician), estrepeiro (Portuguese), estripeiro (Galician), estripeiro (Portuguese), estripio (Galician), estripio albar (Galician), estripo (Galician), estripo albar (Galician), estripo alvar (Galician), estripo alvar (Portuguese), estripo bravo (Galician), estripo bravo (Portuguese), estripon (Galician), estripón (Galician), flor de espiñeiro (Galician), flor de espino (Spanish, Castillian), flor de tila (Spanish, Castillian), ganaperu (Spanish, Castillian), gapamina (Spanish, Castillian), garamita (Spanish, Castillian), garamito (Asturian), garboller (Catalan), garbuller (Catalan), garbuller (Valencian), gargaller (Catalan), garguller (Catalan), gaürrer (Catalan), gorillón (High Aragonese), gorrillón (Aragonese), gorrillón (Spanish, Castillian), grabuller (Catalan), gramina (Spanish, Castillian), grana (Catalan), grauller (Catalan), grenoller (Catalan), guachamironero (Aragonese), guachamironero (High Aragonese), guapero (Spanish, Castillian), guillorri (Euskera), guindas de pastor (Spanish, Castillian), guindita de Nuestra Señora (Spanish, Castillian), guinditas de Nuestra Señora (Spanish, Castillian), gurillón (High Aragonese), gurrillón (Aragonese), gurrillon (Euskera), illurritze (Euskera), ilori-xuri (Euskera), ilurri (Euskera), ilurri (Spanish, Castillian), iparraldeko elorri zuri (Euskera), iparraldeko elorri zuria (Euskera), lilois (Aragonese), lilois (Spanish, Castillian), machuga (Asturian), machuga (Spanish, Castillian), machugal (Asturian), maculeto (Spanish, Castillian), majolero (Spanish, Castillian), majoleta (Spanish, Castillian), majoletas (Spanish, Castillian), majoletero (Spanish, Castillian), majoleto (Spanish, Castillian), majolín (Asturian), majolino (Spanish, Castillian), majoreto (Spanish, Castillian), majuela (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), majuela (Spanish, Castillian), majuelas (Spanish, Castillian), majuelero (Spanish, Castillian), majueleta (Spanish, Castillian), majuelines (Spanish, Castillian), majuelo (Spanish, Castillian), majuelos (Aragonese), majueta (Spanish, Castillian), majuetal (Spanish, Castillian), majuetas (Spanish, Castillian), majueto (Spanish, Castillian), majuleta (Spanish, Castillian), majuletas (Spanish, Castillian), majuleto (Spanish, Castillian), mallol (Valencian), mallola (Catalan), mangorlita (Spanish, Castillian), manjoletas (Spanish, Castillian), manjoleto (Spanish, Castillian), manjolina (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), manzaneta de dama (Aragonese), manzaneta de Manuel (Spanish, Castillian), manzaneta de pastor (Aragonese), manzaneta de pastor (Spanish, Castillian), manzaneta de San Juan (Spanish, Castillian), manzanetas (Aragonese), manzanetas (High Aragonese), manzanetas de Manuel (Aragonese), manzanetas de Manuel (High Aragonese), manzanetas de pastor (Aragonese), manzanetas de pastor (High Aragonese), manzanetas de San Juan (Aragonese), manzanetas de San Juan (High Aragonese), manzanetas de San Xuan (Aragonese), manzanica de pastor (Aragonese), manzanilla (Spanish, Castillian), manzanillas (Spanish, Castillian), marjolero (Spanish, Castillian), marjoleta (Spanish, Castillian), marjoleto (Spanish, Castillian), marzoa (Galician), matapiojo (Spanish, Castillian), matapiojos (Aragonese), matapiojos (Spanish, Castillian), matapollero (High Aragonese), mato albar (Spanish, Castillian), mauletas (Spanish, Castillian), maulinar (Spanish, Castillian), maulino (Spanish, Castillian), mayuca (Asturian), mayuela (Spanish, Castillian), mayuelo (Spanish, Castillian), mayuques (Asturian), mejuela (Spanish, Castillian), mezcola (Euskera), mochuetas (Spanish, Castillian), mojolino (Spanish, Castillian), mostayera (Asturian), motillonero (Spanish, Castillian), pelriteiro (Portuguese), pepidera (High Aragonese), pera de raposa (Galician), peras de la Virgen (Spanish, Castillian), perica (Spanish, Castillian), pericón (Spanish, Castillian), perilloteiro bravo (Galician), perilloteiro bravo (Portuguese), periquitos (Galician), periquitos (Portuguese), perliteiro (Portuguese), peruy (Spanish, Castillian), peruyes (Spanish, Castillian), pilrete (Portuguese), pilriteiro (Galician), pilriteiro (Portuguese), pilrito (Portuguese), pincho de majoleto (Spanish, Castillian), pipidera (High Aragonese), pirliteiro (Galician), pirliteiro (Portuguese), pirlitero (Spanish, Castillian), pometa de la Mare de Deu (Catalan), pometa de la Mare de Déu (Catalan), pometa de Nostre Senyor (Catalan), pometa de pastor (Catalan), pometa de Sant Miquel (Catalan), pometes de la Mare de Déu (Catalan), pometes de Nuesto Senyor (Catalan), pometes de pastor (Catalan), pometes de sant Miquel (Catalan), pometes del Bon Pastor (Catalan), pometes Mare de Déu (Catalan), pyroliteiro (Portuguese), raïm de Sant Pere (Catalan), ram de sant Pere (Catalan), seroler bord (Valencian), sirereta de pastor (Valencian), tamañuela (Spanish, Castillian), tamañuelas (Spanish, Castillian), tila (Spanish, Castillian), tila de espino (Spanish, Castillian), tilera (Spanish, Castillian), tilero (Spanish, Castillian), tilo (Spanish, Castillian), trualler (Catalan), vizcadas (Spanish, Castillian), vizcoba (Spanish, Castillian), vizcoda (Spanish, Castillian), vizcodas (Aragonese), xardó (Galician), zarza majoleta (Spanish, Castillian), zarza majueleta (Spanish, Castillian), zerezetas de pastor (Aragonese), Αγρουγκιά (Greek), γλογκίδι (Greek), Κοκκομηλιά (Greek), κοτσινομοσφιλιά (Greek), Κράταιγος ο μονόγυνος (Greek), μερμελίτσα (Greek), μερμελιτσιά (Greek), Μουμουτζιλιά (Greek), Μουρτζιά (Greek), Τρικοκκιά (Greek), τσαπουρνιά (Greek), τσιλλάρκα (Greek)[Credits]
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