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Details for: Prunus spinosa

Source: Kurtto, A. (2009): Rosaceae (pro parte majore). In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Prunus spinosa L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 475. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Rosales Bercht. & J. Presl
                              Familia - Rosaceae
                                   Genus - Prunus L.
Homotypic synonyms: Druparia spinosa Clairv.
Prunus communis subsp. spinosa (L.) Syme
Heterotypic synonyms: Prunus acacia Crantz, nom. illeg.
Prunus amygdaliformis Pau
Prunus podolica Andrz.
Prunus praecox Salisb., nom. illeg.
Prunus subvillosa Debeaux
Prnus spinosa subsp. ovoideo-globosa Domin
Prunus spinosa subsp. cerasina Hrabětová
Prunus spinosa subsp. fechtneri Domin
Prunus spinosa subsp. insititioides (Ficalho & Cout.) Franco
Prunus spinosa subsp. megalocarpa Domin
Prunus spinosa subsp. moravica Domin
Included taxa: Prunus spinosa L. subsp. spinosa
Prunus spinosa subsp. dasyphylla (Schur) Domin
Common names: abranal (Spanish, Castillian), abranyoner (Catalan), abreculos (Spanish, Castillian), abreñoné (Aragonese), abrojo (Galician), abrollo (Galician), abrún/abruís (Asturian), abrunal (Spanish, Castillian), abruñal (Spanish, Castillian), abruñeira (Galician), abruneira (Portuguese), abruñeiro (Asturian), abruñeiro (Galician), abruñero (Spanish, Castillian), abrunheira brava (Portuguese), abrunheira-brava (Galician), abrunheira-brava (Portuguese), abrunheiro bravo (Portuguese), abrunheiro montisino (Portuguese), abrunheiro-bravo (Galician), abrunheiro-bravo (Portuguese), abrunho (Galician), abrunho (Portuguese), abrunho carrasquenho (Portuguese), abrunho roxo (Portuguese), abrunho-bravo (Portuguese), abruño (Asturian), abruño (Galician), abruno (Spanish, Castillian), abruño (Spanish, Castillian), abruñu (Spanish, Castillian), acacia bastarda (Spanish, Castillian), acacia de ciruelas montesinas (Spanish, Castillian), acacia de Europa (Portuguese), acacia silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), acácia-dos-alemâes (Portuguese), adiola (Euskera), agargoller (Catalan), agavanza (Spanish, Castillian), agranyoner (Catalan), agruñeiro (Galician), alcallaro (Euskera), alcaracache (Euskera), alcaracachi (Euskera), alcaraz (Euskera), alcarcarache (Euskera), amargaleja (Spanish, Castillian), amargalejo (Spanish, Castillian), ambruiñeiro (Galician), ambruñeiro (Galician), ameixa brava (Galician), ameixëira (Asturian), ameixeira brava (Galician), ameixeira brava (Portuguese), ameixeira-brava (Portuguese), ameixeiro (Galician), ameixeiro bravo (Galician), ameixieira (Galician), ameixieira (Portuguese), ameixieira brava (Portuguese), ameixieira-brava (Portuguese), ameixoeira brava (Portuguese), ameixoeira-brava (Galician), ameixoeira-brava (Portuguese), anantza (Euskera), andrín (Asturian), andrín (Spanish, Castillian), andrina (Galician), andrina (Spanish, Castillian), andrinal (Asturian), andrinal (Spanish, Castillian), andrinas (Spanish, Castillian), andriné (Catalan), andriné (Valencian), andrinero (Asturian), andrinillo de monte (Spanish, Castillian), andrino (Asturian), andrino (Galician), andrino (Spanish, Castillian), andrino montesino (Spanish, Castillian), andrinos (Asturian), andrinu (Asturian), andrinu (Spanish, Castillian), androl (Euskera), androla (Spanish, Castillian), apruno (Spanish, Castillian), aran (Euskera), arán (Euskera), arán (Spanish, Castillian), arana (Euskera), aranbaltz (Euskera), aranbaltza (Euskera), arangonero (Aragonese), arangonero (Spanish, Castillian), arangons (Aragonese), arañó (Catalan), arañón (Aragonese), aranón (Spanish, Castillian), arañón (Spanish, Castillian), arañón negro (High Aragonese), arañón negro (Spanish, Castillian), arañoner (Majorcan), arañonera (Aragonese), arañonero (Aragonese), arañonero (High Aragonese), arañonero (Spanish, Castillian), arañones (Aragonese), arañones (Spanish, Castillian), arañóns (Aragonese), aranori (Euskera), aran-oria (Euskera), arantximillo (Euskera), aran-txmiloa (Euskera), arantza beltza (Euskera), arantzabaltz (Euskera), arantza-beltza (Euskera), aranyer (Catalan), aranyer (Valencian), aranyó (Catalan), aranyó (Majorcan), aranyó (Valencian), aranyon (Catalan), aranyoné (Valencian), aranyoner (Catalan), aranyoner (Majorcan), aranyoner (Valencian), aranyons (Catalan), aranze (Euskera), araubaltza (Euskera), arautzabaltza (Euskera), arç (Catalan), arç (Valencian), arc negre (Catalan), arç negre (Catalan), arç negre/arços negres (Catalan), arç/arços (Catalan), arcalla (Euskera), arçot (Catalan), arenyó (Catalan), argargoller (Catalan), arinyoner (Catalan), arn negre (Catalan), arrascaculos (Spanish, Castillian), ars negre (Catalan), arto (Aragonese), arto (High Aragonese), arto (Spanish, Castillian), arto arañón (Aragonese), arto arañón (High Aragonese), arto arañonero (Aragonese), arto arañonero (High Aragonese), arto arañonero (Spanish, Castillian), arto negro (Spanish, Castillian), asarero (Spanish, Castillian), ascaracachi (Euskera), astarana (Euskera), astelorrosa (Euskera), azcaracacho (Euskera), baisakaran (Euskera), baisakarana (Euskera), baisaran (Euskera), barruler (Catalan), barsa (Catalan), basahan (Euskera), basaka (Euskera), basakaran (Euskera), basakarana (Euskera), basaran (Euskera), basarana (Euskera), basarandia (Euskera), basaranondoa (Euskera), basarantzea (Euskera), baxakarana (Euskera), baxaran (Euskera), baxarantze (Euskera), baxarantzea (Euskera), baxaxaran (Euskera), belcharana (Euskera), beltzaran (Euskera), beltzarantza (Euskera), beltz-arauza (Euskera), briñón (Spanish, Castillian), brunal (Spanish, Castillian), bruñal (Spanish, Castillian), bruñeiro (Galician), brunera (Spanish, Castillian), bruñera (Spanish, Castillian), bruñero (Spanish, Castillian), brunheiro (Galician), brunheiro (Portuguese), brunheiro bravo (Portuguese), bruño (Asturian), bruño (Galician), bruno (Spanish, Castillian), bruño (Spanish, Castillian), bruños (Spanish, Castillian), burrunyoler (Catalan), cabarrón (Asturian), cagarriones (Asturian), cagoiceiro-bravo (Portuguese), camboeiro (Galician), cambroeiro (Galician), cambrón (Spanish, Castillian), caracache (Euskera), caracachi (Euskera), carracachul (Euskera), carracullo (Euskera), carrasco (Portuguese), cernacul (Euskera), cernaculo (Spanish, Castillian), cerraculo (Spanish, Castillian), chilindrina (Spanish, Castillian), chilindrino (Spanish, Castillian), chinchón (Aragonese), chinchón (Spanish, Castillian), cinorrodon (Spanish, Castillian), cirola brava (Galician), ciroletas (Spanish, Castillian), cirolilla (Spanish, Castillian), cirolillas de gato (Spanish, Castillian), cirolillo (Spanish, Castillian), ciruela montesina (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelica de gato (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelicos bordes (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelicos montesinos (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelillo endrino (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelillo loco (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo amargalejo (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo bord (Valencian), ciruelo borde (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo de pájaro (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo endrino (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo montesino (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo salvaje (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo silvestre mayor (Spanish, Castillian), ciruelo silvestre que lleva los bruños (Spanish, Castillian), ecambroeiro (Galician), eguñeiro (Galician), elorr-antza (Euskera), elorrarantza (Euskera), elorr-arantza (Euskera), elorri baltz (Euskera), elorri baltza (Euskera), elorri beltz (Euskera), elorri belza (Euskera), elorri sagarra (Euskera), elorri-arantza (Euskera), elorribeltz (Euskera), elorribeltza (Euskera), elorri-beltza (Euskera), elorribelza (Euskera), elorri-belza (Euskera), elosike (Euskera), embruno (Spanish, Castillian), endrina (Spanish, Castillian), endrinas (Spanish, Castillian), endrinera (Spanish, Castillian), endrinera (Valencian), endrino (Aragonese), endrino (Galician), endriño (Galician), endrino (High Aragonese), endrino (Spanish, Castillian), endrino brunero (Spanish, Castillian), endrino montés (Spanish, Castillian), endrino prunero (Spanish, Castillian), endrino salvaje (Spanish, Castillian), endrinos (Asturian), endrinos (Spanish, Castillian), endrinu (Asturian), enobios (Asturian), escambroeiro (Galician), escambrón (Galician), escambrón (Spanish, Castillian), escambrones (Spanish, Castillian), escambruñeiro (Galician), escaña-gats (Catalan), escanyagats (Catalan), escanya-gats (Catalan), escaracach (Euskera), escaramujo (Spanish, Castillian), escayu (Asturian), escayu (Spanish, Castillian), espí (Catalan), espí negre (Catalan), espín (Asturian), espina (Galician), espinal (Valencian), espinalet (Catalan), espinalet (Majorcan), espinalet (Valencian), espinau (Aragonese), espinau (Catalan), espinau (Valencian), espiñeiro (Galician), espinera (Asturian), espinillo (Spanish, Castillian), espinillo bruño (Spanish, Castillian), espino (Asturian), espiño (Galician), espino (Spanish, Castillian), espino de abrunos (Spanish, Castillian), espino de perunos (Spanish, Castillian), espino gato (Spanish, Castillian), espino negral (Spanish, Castillian), espino negro (Spanish, Castillian), espino peronal (Spanish, Castillian), espino prunal (Spanish, Castillian), espinu (Asturian), espinu andrín (Asturian), espinu negro (Asturian), espinu negru (Asturian), estripeiro (Galician), estripo (Galician), freixo (Galician), garañones (Spanish, Castillian), garanyoner (Majorcan), gargoller (Catalan), garrañoter (Valencian), garranyoté (Valencian), granyoner (Majorcan), gruñeiro (Galician), gruño (Spanish, Castillian), gruñolera (Spanish, Castillian), gruñón (Spanish, Castillian), gruños (Galician), guriñote (Galician), guruños (Galician), guruñote (Galician), indrina (Spanish, Castillian), ispinu (Spanish, Castillian), ispinu de andrinas (Spanish, Castillian), karatz (Euskera), llagrany (Catalan), llagranyer (Catalan), llampurner (Catalan), maisaran (Euskera), majuelicos bordes (Spanish, Castillian), marañón (Spanish, Castillian), mariacruz (Euskera), matxakana (Euskera), matxakaran (Euskera), maxakarana (Euskera), maxaran (Euskera), negral (Spanish, Castillian), nisos pixorros (Asturian), ñuciles (Asturian), ocalla (Euskera), olorribeltza (Euskera), oroñer (Majorcan), oroñoner (Majorcan), oronyer (Catalan), oronyoner (Catalan), pacharán (Spanish, Castillian), patxaran (Euskera), patxarán (Euskera), patxarana (Euskera), paxakarana (Euskera), paxaran (Euskera), peruno (Spanish, Castillian), pica-pica (Spanish, Castillian), piruchecho (Asturian), pirulinos (Asturian), priñó (Aragonese), priño (Catalan), priño (Valencian), priñón (Aragonese), priñon (Catalan), priñon (Valencian), priñoné (Aragonese), priñoné (Catalan), priñoné (High Aragonese), priñoné (Spanish, Castillian), priñoné (Valencian), priñonera (Aragonese), priñonera (High Aragonese), priñonero (Spanish, Castillian), prinyoner (Catalan), pruna (Spanish, Castillian), prunal (Asturian), prunal (Spanish, Castillian), prunell (Catalan), pruneller (Catalan), prunells (Catalan), pruner fals (Catalan), pruner sauvatge (Majorcan), prunera borda (Catalan), prunera salvatge (Catalan), prunillo (Spanish, Castillian), pruno (Asturian), pruno (Spanish, Castillian), pruñoner (Majorcan), pruñonera (Majorcan), pruñons (Majorcan), prunos (Asturian), prunu (Asturian), prunu (Spanish, Castillian), prunuandrín (Asturian), prunyoner (Catalan), prunyoner (Majorcan), prunyoner (Valencian), pumas de gato (Spanish, Castillian), pumica de gato (Spanish, Castillian), pumicas de gato (Spanish, Castillian), ragaña (Spanish, Castillian), regañona (Spanish, Castillian), rosal silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), sabi (Euskera), sabia (Euskera), sarganyer (Majorcan), sasikoarana (Euskera), sasiokaran (Euskera), sasi-okarana (Euskera), tapaculo (Spanish, Castillian), txaran (Euskera), txarana (Euskera), txinbillo (Euskera), txirtxirrio-kana (Euskera), txori-okaran (Euskera), uranyons (Catalan), urinyons (Catalan), xerri-adan (Euskera), xerri-ahan (Euskera), xerri-aran (Euskera), zarraculo (Euskera), zarrapitos (Euskera), zarza lobera (Spanish, Castillian), zarzarrosa (Spanish, Castillian), αγριοκορομηλιά (Greek), αρκομηλιά (Greek), γκοριτσιά (Greek), γλογκιά (Greek), Μαμουτιά (Greek), πουρνιά (Greek), Προύνος ο ακανθώδης (Greek), τσαπουρνιά (Greek)[Credits]
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