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Details for: Rosa canina

Source: Kurtto, A. (2009): Rosaceae (pro parte majore). In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Rosa canina L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 491. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Rosales Bercht. & J. Presl
                              Familia - Rosaceae
                                   Genus - Rosa L.
Homotypic synonyms: Crepinia canina (L.) Gand.
Heterotypic synonyms: Crepinia aciphylla (A. Rau) Gand.
Crepinia andegavensis (Bastard) Gand.
Crepinia psilophylla (A. Rau) Gand.
Crepinia squarrosa (A. Rau) Gand.
Rosa achburensis Chrshan.
Rosa aciphylla A. Rau
Rosa aciphylloides Cottet & Castella
Rosa actinodroma Gand.
Rosa adenocalyx Gren.
Rosa adscita Déségl.
Rosa afzeliana Fr., nom. illeg.
Rosa agraria Déségl.
Rosa albolutescens Déségl.
Rosa amansii Déségl.
Rosa ambigua Lej. [non Léman 1818]
Rosa analoga Déségl.
Rosa andegavensis Bastard
Rosa arguta M. Bieb.
Rosa armata Besser
Rosa armoricana Boullu
Rosa aspernata Déségl.
Rosa aspratilis Déségl.
Rosa belgradensis Pančić
Rosa biebersteiniana Tratt.
Rosa blondeauana Déségl.
Rosa bujedana Sennen & T. S. Elias
Rosa calvatostyla Gren.
Rosa calycina M. Bieb.
Rosa cariotii Chabert
Rosa catalaunica Costa
Rosa caucasea Lindl.
Rosa caucasica Pall.
Rosa chaboissaei Gren.
Rosa ciliatosepala Błocki
Rosa cladoleia Crép.
Rosa condensata Déségl.
Rosa controversa Déségl.
Rosa curticola Déségl.
Rosa desvauxii N. H. F. Desp.
Rosa didoensis Boiss.
Rosa dilucida Déségl. & Ozanon
Rosa disparilis Lucand & Ozanon
Rosa dollineriana J. B. Keller
Rosa dolosa Godet
Rosa dumosa Salisb., nom. illeg.
Rosa edita Déségl.
Rosa eriostyla Ripart & Déségl.
Rosa exilis Crép. & Wirtg.
Rosa fallax Baker [non Gren. & Godr. 1848]
Rosa fallens Déségl.
Rosa firma Déségl.
Rosa firmula Godet
Rosa fissispina Heuff.
Rosa flavidifolia Vuk.
Rosa flexibilis Déségl.
Rosa fraxinoides (Heinr. Braun) Heinr. Braun
Rosa frivaldskyi Heinr. Braun
Rosa frondosa Spreng.
Rosa generalis Chast.
Rosa glaberrima Dumort.
Rosa glauca Schott [non Pourr. 1788]
Rosa glaucina Ripart
Rosa globularis Boreau
Rosa haematodes Boiss.
Rosa hirsuta Déségl. & Ozanon
Rosa hirtella Crép.
Rosa horridula Déségl.
Rosa inconspicua Déségl.
Rosa innocua Crép.
Rosa intercedens Heinr. Braun
Rosa laxifolia Borbás
Rosa leiostyla Crép.
Rosa lemaitrei Verl.
Rosa litigiosa Crép.
Rosa lonaczevskii Dubovik
Rosa longituba Debeaux
Rosa ludibunda Gren.
Rosa lutetiana Cass.
Rosa macroacantha Déségl.
Rosa macrostylis Borbás & Vuk.
Rosa maeotica Dubovik
Rosa mandonii Déségl.
Rosa marisensis Simonk. & Heinr. Braun
Rosa mediata Dubovik
Rosa medioxima Déségl.
Rosa mollardiana Moutin
Rosa montivaga Déségl.
Rosa mucronulata Godet
Rosa myrtilloides (Tratt.) Heinr. Braun
Rosa nemophila Déségl. & Ozanon
Rosa nervulosa Gand. & Debeaux
Rosa nitens Mérat
Rosa novella Sennen & T. S. Elias
Rosa oblonga Déségl. & Ripart
Rosa oblongata Opiz
Rosa occulta Crép.
Rosa oenensis A. Kern.
Rosa ololeia Crép.
Rosa oreades Cottet
Rosa penchinatii Gand. & Debeaux.
Rosa polyodon Gand.
Rosa porrectidens Chrshan. & Lasebna
Rosa praeterita Déségl.
Rosa pratincola Heinr. Braun
Rosa prutensis Chrshan.
Rosa psilophylla A. Rau
Rosa pubens Déségl. & Ozanon
Rosa ramosissima Déségl. [non A. Rau 1816]
Rosa raui Tratt.
Rosa reboudiana Debeaux
Rosa retusa Déségl. & Ozanon
Rosa rorida Cottet
Rosa rougeonensis Ozanon
Rosa rubelliflora Déségl.
Rosa rubescens Déségl.
Rosa sarmentacea Sw.
Rosa saxatilis Boreau [non M. Bieb. 1819]
Rosa saxatilis M. Bieb.
Rosa sazilliacensis Chast.
Rosa scabrata Crép. [non J. Henning 1823]
Rosa semiglandulosa Déségl.
Rosa senticosa Ach.
Rosa separabilis Déségl.
Rosa sepium Lam., nom. illeg.
Rosa seposita Déségl.
Rosa simplicidens Dubovik
Rosa slobodjanii (Chrshan.) Dubovik
Rosa sosnowskyi Chrshan.
Rosa sphaerica Gren.
Rosa sphaeroidea Déségl.
Rosa spuria Déségl.
Rosa squarrosa (A. Rau) Boreau
Rosa stenocarpa Déségl.
Rosa stipularis Mérat
Rosa subertii Déségl.
Rosa superba Chast. [non J. Kern. & J. B. Keller 1882]
Rosa sylvularum Déségl.
Rosa syntrichostyla Déségl.
Rosa systylomorpha Gren.
Rosa timbaliana Debeaux
Rosa touranginiana Déségl. & Ripart
Rosa transsilvanica Schur
Rosa tyraica Chrshan. & Lasebna
Rosa venosa Spreng.
Rosa verlotii Crép.
Rosa vinacea Baker
Rosa vinealis Déségl.
Rosa vinetorum Déségl.
Rosa wettsteinii Heinr. Braun
Rosa canina subsp. andegavensis (Bastard) N. H. F. Desp.
Rosa canina subsp. cariotii (Chabert) Hayek
Rosa canina subsp. catalaunica (Costa) Malag.
Rosa canina subsp. globularis (Boreau) Hayek
Rosa canina subsp. senticosa (Ach.) Nyman
Rosa canina subsp. squarrosa (A. Rau) Hayek
Rosa canina subsp. vulgaris (W. D. J. Koch) Gams
Rosa communis subsp. canina (L.) Rouy, nom. illeg.
Rosa dumalis subsp. afzeliana P. Fourn.
Rosa tomentella subsp. blondeauana (Déségl.) Nyman
Misapplied names: "Rosa dumalis" sec. auct.
"Rosa istriaca" sec. auct.
"Rosa klukii" sec. auct.
"Rosa nitidula" sec. auct.
Common names: agabanza (Galician), agabanza (Spanish, Castillian), agabanzo (Spanish, Castillian), agarbanza (Galician), agavanza (Galician), agavanza (Spanish, Castillian), agavanzal (Spanish, Castillian), agavanzo (Galician), agavanzo (Portuguese), agavanzo (Spanish, Castillian), albardera (High Aragonese), alcaracache (Spanish, Castillian), alkakarats (Euskera), alkata atza (Euskera), andarrai (Euskera), arkakaratxa (Euskera), arrosa lili (Euskera), arrosatze (Euskera), arto de garrabera (Aragonese), arto de la cangrena (Asturian), artos (Spanish, Castillian), astoarrosa (Euskera), astolarrosa (Euskera), atrancaculos (Spanish, Castillian), avaganza (Spanish, Castillian), aveganza (Spanish, Castillian), bailarín (Asturian), bailarín (Spanish, Castillian), bailarote (Asturian), balbaretas (Spanish, Castillian), basaarrosa (Euskera), basalarrosa (Euskera), baso arrosatze (Euskera), birulos (fruto) (Aragonese), calambroja (Spanish, Castillian), calambrojal (Spanish, Castillian), calambrojo (Spanish, Castillian), calambrujo (Spanish, Castillian), calambruju (Spanish, Castillian), carambullo (Spanish, Castillian), caramujo (Spanish, Castillian), caramullero (Spanish, Castillian), carmín (Spanish, Castillian), catapul (Spanish, Castillian), cerezos de pastor (Spanish, Castillian), chincholero (Spanish, Castillian), cinorrodon (Spanish, Castillian), cinosbatos (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), cirer de pastor (Catalan), coral (Spanish, Castillian), corales (Spanish, Castillian), cuculos (Aragonese), cuculos (High Aragonese), despullabalitres (Catalan), despullabelitres (Catalan), diente de lloba (Asturian), dientes de lloba (Asturian), escalambrujera (Spanish, Castillian), escalambrujo (Spanish, Castillian), escambroeiro (Galician), escambrón (Spanish, Castillian), escambrujera (Spanish, Castillian), escambrujo (Spanish, Castillian), escanyaguilles (Catalan), escanyelles (Catalan), escarambrojo (Spanish, Castillian), escarambujos (Spanish, Castillian), escaramojo (Spanish, Castillian), escaramujas (Spanish, Castillian), escaramujera (Spanish, Castillian), escaramujo (Aragonese), escaramujo (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), escaramujo (High Aragonese), escaramujo (Spanish, Castillian), escaramujos (Spanish, Castillian), escarbaculo (Spanish, Castillian), escayu (Spanish, Castillian), espino (Spanish, Castillian), espino de avaganzo (Spanish, Castillian), espino vero (Spanish, Castillian), espinu (Asturian), espinu garbanceiru (Spanish, Castillian), gabanceira (Galician), gabanceira (Portuguese), gabanza (Spanish, Castillian), gabanzal (Spanish, Castillian), gabarda (High Aragonese), gabarda (Spanish, Castillian), gabardas (Aragonese), gabardera (Aragonese), gabardera (High Aragonese), gabarnera (Catalan), gabarreira (Galician), gabarrera (Aragonese), gabarrera (Catalan), gabarrera (Majorcan), gabarrera (Valencian), gabernera (Catalan), gabernera (Valencian), galabardera (Aragonese), galabardera (High Aragonese), galabardera (Spanish, Castillian), galabardera (Valencian), galaberdet (Valencian), galaberdos (fruto) (Valencian), galbanzo (Aragonese), galbanzo (High Aragonese), galbara (Aragonese), galbara (High Aragonese), galibardos (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), ganciu (Asturian), garameta (Asturian), garamito (Asturian), garamito (Spanish, Castillian), garbancera (Spanish, Castillian), garbanzal (Asturian), garbanzal (Spanish, Castillian), garbanzo (Asturian), garbanzo (Spanish, Castillian), garbanzu (Spanish, Castillian), gardanes (Catalan), garrabea (Catalan), garrabea (Valencian), garrabera (Aragonese), garrabera (High Aragonese), garrabera (Spanish, Castillian), garrabó (Catalan), garrabó (Valencian), garrabón (Catalan), garrabón (fruto) (Aragonese), garrabón (High Aragonese), garrabón (Valencian), garrabonera (Aragonese), garvancera (Spanish, Castillian), gavanza (Spanish, Castillian), gavanzo (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), gavanzo (Spanish, Castillian), gavarnera (Catalan), gavarnera (Valencian), gavarrera (Catalan), gavarrera (Majorcan), gavarrera (Valencian), gavernera (Valencian), gavernes (fruto) (Valencian), gavernetes rogetes (fruto) (Valencian), gavilancero (Asturian), gradanes (Catalan), gratacul (Catalan), gratacul (Majorcan), gravanceira (Portuguese), gruños (Galician), ipurrditapatzeko (Euskera), iscalambruju (Spanish, Castillian), ispinu (Spanish, Castillian), itxularrosa (Euskera), lahar (Euskera), lar (Euskera), larrarrosa (Euskera), legumbres (Spanish, Castillian), luisalea (Euskera), lulos (fruto) (Aragonese), majoletos (Spanish, Castillian), mazacoral (Asturian), monjolinos (Spanish, Castillian), morato (Spanish, Castillian), mosqueta silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), nahar (Euskera), orreveilero (Valencian), osolarra (Euskera), otsalarr (Euskera), otsolaharr (Euskera), otsolaparr (Euskera), otsolarr (Euskera), otsonaharr (Euskera), otxolaharr (Euskera), peros de can (Galician), peros de can (Portuguese), picacostillas (Aragonese), picacostillas (Spanish, Castillian), picaculo (Asturian), picaculos (Spanish, Castillian), picaculu (Spanish, Castillian), picaespalda (Spanish, Castillian), picaesquenes (Valencian), pinchaculos (Spanish, Castillian), rascaculos (Spanish, Castillian), revailetero (Valencian), revientaperros (Spanish, Castillian), revilva (Spanish, Castillian), rosa (Asturian), rosa (Catalan), rosa (Spanish, Castillian), rosa boscana (Catalan), rosa boscana (Spanish, Castillian), rosa brava (Portuguese), rosa campesina (Spanish, Castillian), rosa canina (Portuguese), rosa canina (Spanish, Castillian), rosa de burro (Aragonese), rosa de burro (High Aragonese), rosa de ca (Catalan), rosa de can (Galician), rosa de câo (Portuguese), rosa de culebra (Spanish, Castillian), rosa de pastor (Catalan), rosa de pastor (Spanish, Castillian), rosa de perro (Spanish, Castillian), rosa de zarzal (Spanish, Castillian), rosa englantina (Catalan), rosa macho (Galician), rosa montés (Spanish, Castillian), rosa perruna (Spanish, Castillian), rosa salvaje (Aragonese), rosa salvaje (High Aragonese), rosa silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), rosa/roses (Catalan), rosa-canina (Portuguese), rosa-de-câo (Galician), rosa-de-câo (Portuguese), rosal (Asturian), rosal (Spanish, Castillian), rosal borde (Spanish, Castillian), rosal bravío (Spanish, Castillian), rosal bravo (Spanish, Castillian), rosal campesino (Spanish, Castillian), rosal caninu (Asturian), rosal de culebra (Spanish, Castillian), rosal de escaramojos (Spanish, Castillian), rosal de la raposa (Asturian), rosal de libra (Spanish, Castillian), rosal del diablo (Spanish, Castillian), rosal del diablu (Asturian), rosal garbancero (Spanish, Castillian), rosal montés (Asturian), rosal montés (Spanish, Castillian), rosal montesín (Asturian), rosal montisco (Spanish, Castillian), rosal perruno (Spanish, Castillian), rosal salvaje (Spanish, Castillian), rosal silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), rosal trepador (Spanish, Castillian), rosales del diablo (Spanish, Castillian), roseira (Asturian), roseira (Galician), roseira (Portuguese), roseira brava (Portuguese), roseira das seves (Portuguese), roser (Catalan), roser bord (Catalan), roser bord (Valencian), roser bort (Catalan), roser boscà (Catalan), roser caní (Catalan), roser d’hivern (Catalan), roser d´ivern (Catalan), roser de bardissa (Catalan), roser de bosc (Catalan), roser de ca (Catalan), roser de cá (Catalan), roser de marge (Valencian), roser de marges (Catalan), roser de muntanya (Catalan), roser de Nadal (Catalan), roser de pastor (Catalan), roser de pastor (Valencian), roser de tartor (Catalan), roser gavarrer (Catalan), roser salvatge (Catalan), roser salvatge (Valencian), roser silvestre (Valencian), roses de mal d´ulls (Catalan), roses de marge (Catalan), sapalarr (Euskera), sapalarra (Euskera), saparlarra (Euskera), saparr larr (Euskera), sarça (Valencian), sarça gavernera (Valencian), sarses de gavernetes rogetes (Valencian), sasi arrosa (Euskera), silva d’o mar (Galician), silva de mar (Galician), silva do mar (Galician), silva macha (Galician), silva macha (Portuguese), silva madre (Galician), silva mar (Galician), silva-macha (Galician), silva-macha (Portuguese), silvamar (Galician), silvâo (Galician), silvâo (Portuguese), silvarda (Galician), silvardo (Galician), silvarro (Galician), silvo macho (Galician), silvo macho (Portuguese), subiadal (Spanish, Castillian), sylva macha (Portuguese), sylva macho (Portuguese), tapacul (Aragonese), tapacul (Catalan), tapaculo (Spanish, Castillian), tapaculos (Aragonese), tapaculos (High Aragonese), tapaculos (Spanish, Castillian), taramujo (Spanish, Castillian), tomatico (Spanish, Castillian), tomatillo (Spanish, Castillian), trampaculos (Spanish, Castillian), uña de gato (Spanish, Castillian), zarraculos (Spanish, Castillian), zarza (Spanish, Castillian), zarza de calambrojas (Spanish, Castillian), zarza de garabita (Spanish, Castillian), zarza de perro (Spanish, Castillian), zarza gabardera (Aragonese), zarza garbancera (Spanish, Castillian), zarza perruna (Spanish, Castillian), zarza revilva (Spanish, Castillian), zarzagabardera (High Aragonese), zarzaperruna (Spanish, Castillian), zarza-rosal (Spanish, Castillian), zarzarrosa (Spanish, Castillian), άγρια ροδερά (Greek), Αγριοτριανταφυλλιά (Greek), αγρορροδαριά (Greek), αρκομουσχετιά (Greek), αρκοτρανταφυλλιά (Greek), βάτος (Greek), γκουλου(γ)κνιά (Greek), μοσχιά (Greek), μουσσιέττα (Greek), ροβ(α)ιδκιά (Greek), ροδαριά (Greek), Ροδή η γλαυκόχρους (Greek), Ροδή η στίλβουσα (Greek), Ροδή της κυνορροδής (Greek), σουφρουκαλιά (Greek), τσιντζιφιά (Greek)[Credits]
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