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Provisional Checklist Prototype - Chronology

1996, June 12. The provisional checklist database is made accessible on the WorldWide Web for beta-testing by IOPI members. It contains datasets from Australia, Europe and Peru.

1996, September 28. A complete dataset of the family Casuarinaceae is added as an example for partly edited data.

1997, March 3. The North America dataset is added.

1997, May 7. The new user interface designed by Alta Burns, USDA-NRCS, ITC (MACA) is implemented.

1997, June 1. The completely re-designed database is on-line (version 2.0).

1997, July 13. Magnoliaceae dataset added.

1998, March 4. Vascular Plants of Russia and Adjacent Countries added.

1998, May 27. Med-Checklist vol. 1 and 3 added.

1998, July 8. Version 2.1 on-line. Implements separate lists for synonyms and concept synonyms, status details, etc.

1998, October 6. Geographic standard recording units implemented.

1998, November 29. New technical specification for datasets.

1999, March 20. A small dataset of mosses was added to the database, to demonstrate the implementation of the "Potential Taxon Concept" in the database. The data was provided by TaxLink Project Working Group (Universitaet Goettingen, 1998).

1999, September 10. Bug-correction: source entries now show the family designation as given in the source.

1999, October 10. The modified Kew list of genera, which is used to assign family classification to the source records, is available on-line.

1999, December 19. Irvingiacea dataset added. Output was extended to show data on nomenclatural types.

2000, April 3. Fagales dataset added. Output was extended to show data on basionyms.

2001, October. IOPI GPC included in the EuroCat (Species 2000 europa) project proposal to the EU.

2003, February 1. Start date of EuroCat project.

2003, March The complete database is migrated to the Berlin Model

2003, April Juncaceae dataset added.

2003 August The new version of the GPC is published. The web page now is using the BerlinModelViewer.

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