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Details for: Dactylorhiza sulphurea

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Source: ESFEDS Edinburgh, export date: May 11, 1996

Name: Dactylorhiza sulphurea (Link) Franco
Nomencl. ref. Bot. Jour. Linn. Soc. 76: 336 (1978)
Rank: Species
Included taxa: Dactylorhiza sulphurea (Link) Franco subsp. sulphurea
Dactylorhiza sulphurea subsp. pseudosambucina (Ten.) Franco
Dactylorhiza sulphurea subsp. siciliensis (Klinge) Franco
Basionym: Orchis sulphurea Link
Synonym(s): Orchis mediterranea Klinge
Orchis sambucina Ten., non L.
Orchis sulphurea Link
Orchis mediterranea Klinge subsp. mediterranea
Geography: ?Al ?Bl Bu Cr Gr Hs It Ju Lu Rm Rs(K) Sa Si Tu
SourceHigherTaxon from IOPI: Orchidaceae
SourceStatusDesignation: A

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