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Details for: Canna indica

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Canna indica L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 1. 1753
Rank: Species
Is replaced synonym for: Cannacorus ovatus Moench
Canna ellipticifolia Stokes
Canna elegans Raf.
Canna variabilis Willd.
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Lilianae
                         Ordo - Zingiberales
                              Familia - Cannaceae
                                   Genus - Canna L.
Homotypic synonyms: Canna elegans Raf., nom. superfl.
Canna ellipticifolia Stokes, nom. superfl.
Canna variabilis Willd., nom. superfl.
Cannacorus indicus (L.) Medik.
Cannacorus ovatus Moench, nom. superfl.
Heterotypic synonyms: Canna achiras Gillies ex D. Don
Canna altensteinii Bouché
Canna amabilis T. Koyama & Nob. Tanaka
Canna ascendens Ciciar.
Canna aurantiaca Roscoe
Canna aureovittata Lodd.
Canna barbadica Bouché, nom. nud.
Canna bidentata Bertol.
Canna bifida Roem. & Schult.
Canna carnea Roscoe
Canna cearensis Huber
Canna chinensis Willd., nom. superfl.
Canna cinnabarina Bouché
Canna coccinea Mill.
Canna commutata Bouché
Canna compacta Roscoe
Canna concinna Bouché
Canna crocea Roem. & Schult.
Canna densifolia Bouché
Canna discolor Lindl.
Canna edulis Ker Gawl.
Canna ehrenbergii Bouché
Canna esculenta Loudon, des. inval.
Canna exigua Bouché
Canna eximia Bouché ex Horan.
Canna flavescens Link
Canna floribunda Bouché
Canna formosa Bouché
Canna fulgida Bouché
Canna heliconiifolia Bouché
Canna humilis Bouché
Canna juncea Retz.
Canna laeta Bouché
Canna lagunensis Lindl.
Canna lambertii Lindl. ex Ker Gawl.
Canna lanuginosa Roscoe
Canna leptochila Bouché
Canna limbata Roscoe, nom. superfl.
Canna lutea Larrañaga, nom. illeg.
Canna lutea Mill.
Canna macrophylla Horan.
Canna maculata (Hook.) Link
Canna maxima Lodd. ex Roscoe, des. inval.
Canna montana Blume
Canna moritziana Bouché
Canna nepalensis Bouché
Canna occidentalis Ker Gawl
Canna orientalis Bouché, nom. illeg.
Canna orientalis Roscoe, nom. superfl.
Canna pallida Roscoe
Canna patens (Aiton) Roscoe
Canna pentaphylla D. Dietr.
Canna platyphylla Nees & Mart.
Canna plurituberosa T. Koyama & Nob. Tanaka
Canna poeppigii Bouché
Canna polyclada Wawra
Canna polymorpha Bouché
Canna portoricensis Bouché
Canna pruinosa Hoffmanns.
Canna pulchra Bouché ex Horan.
Canna pulchra Hassk.
Canna recurvata Bouché
Canna roscoeana Bouché, nom. superfl.
Canna rotundifolia André
Canna rubra Willd., nom. superfl.
Canna rubricaulis Link
Canna sanctae-rosae Kraenzl.
Canna sanguinea Bouché, des. inval.
Canna sanguinea Warsz. ex Otto & A. Dietr.
Canna saturate-rubra Bouché ex K. Koch
Canna schubertii Horan.
Canna seleriana Kraenzl.
Canna sellowii Bouché
Canna speciosa Hegetschw, nom. superfl.
Canna speciosa Roscoe ex Sims, nom. illeg.
Canna spectabilis Bouché
Canna sulphurea Bouché, des. inval.
Canna surinamensis Bouché
Canna tenuiflora Bouché ex A. Dietr.
Canna texensis Regel
Canna textoria Noronha, nom. nud.
Canna thyrsiflora Hegetschw., nom. superfl.
Canna tinei Tod., nom. nud.
Canna variegata Besser
Canna variegata Bouché, nom. illeg.
Canna variegatifolia Ciciar.
Canna ventricosa Bouché
Canna warszewiczii A. Dietr., nom. superfl.
Canna xalapensis Bouché
Xyphostylis lutea (Mill.) Raf.
Canna coccinea var. bicolor Kraenzl.
Canna coccinea var. concolor Regel
Canna coccinea var. floribunda (Bouché) Regel
Canna coccinea var. limbata Regel
Canna discolor var. rubripunctata Nob. Tanaka
Canna discolor var. viridifolia Nob. Tanaka
Canna ellipticifolia var. coccinea (Mill.) Stokes
Canna ellipticifolia var. lutea (Mill.) Stokes
Canna ellipticifolia var. patens (Aiton) Stokes
Canna ellipticifolia var. rubra Stokes
Canna heliconiifolia var. xalapensis (Bouché) Kraenzl.
Canna indica var. coccinea (Mill.) Aiton
Canna indica var. edwarsii Regel
Canna indica var. flava (Roscoe) Baker
Canna indica var. karsteniana Regel
Canna indica var. limbata (Regel) Petersen
Canna indica var. lutea (Mill.) Aiton
Canna indica var. maculata Hook.
Canna indica var. nepalensis (Bouché) Baker
Canna indica var. orientalis Baker, nom. superfl.
Canna indica var. patens Aiton
Canna indica var. rubra Aiton
Canna indica var. sanctae-rosae (Kraenzl.) Nob. Tanaka
Canna indica var. speciosa Baker, nom. superfl.
Canna indica var. variegata Regel
Canna indica var. warszewiczii Nob. Tanaka
Canna lutea var. aurantiaca (Roscoe) Regel
Canna lutea var. genuina Kraenzl., des. inval.
Canna lutea var. maculata (Hook.) Regel
Canna lutea var. pallida (Roscoe) Regel
Canna orientalis var. flava Roscoe
Canna orientalis var. flavescens (Link) Baker, nom. superfl.
Canna patens var. limbata (Regel) Baker
Canna warszewiczii var. flameus Ram. Goyena
Canna coccinea f. flaviflora Chodat & Hassl.
Common names: bengaleira (Portuguese), cana da India (Portuguese), caña de cuentas (Spanish, Castillian), caña de India (Spanish, Castillian), caña de Indias (Spanish, Castillian), cañacoro (Spanish, Castillian), caña-coro (Spanish, Castillian), canya d’India (Majorcan), canya d´Índia (Catalan), canya de rosaris (Catalan), canya de rosaris (Majorcan), canya de sabonetes (Catalan), cuentas (Spanish, Castillian), cuquilho (Portuguese), flor del cangrejo (Spanish, Castillian), fruchilla (Galician), frutilla (Galician), herba das doas (Galician), lirio español (Spanish, Castillian), marieta de rosaris (Majorcan), marietas (Catalan), platanillo de Cuba (Spanish, Castillian), rosariera (Catalan), sabonetas (Catalan), sabonetes (Catalan), yerba del rosario (Spanish, Castillian)[Credits]
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