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Details for: Betula pubescens var. pubescens

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Betula pubescens Ehrh. var. pubescens
Rank: Varietas
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Fagales Engl.
                              Familia - Betulaceae Gray
                                   Genus - Betula L.
                                        Species - Betula pubescens Ehrh.
Heterotypic synonyms: Betula alba L., nom. rej.
Betula ambigua Hampe ex Rchb.
Betula andreji V. N. Vassil.
Betula asplenifolia Regel
Betula aurea Steud.
Betula baicalia V. N. Vassil.
Betula broccembergensis Bechst.
Betula callosa Notø
Betula canadensis K. Koch
Betula celtiberica Rothm. & Vasc.
Betula concinna Gunnarsson
Betula coriifolia Tausch ex Regel
Betula dalecarlica L. f.
Betula ethnensis Raf. ex Regel
Betula friesii Larss. ex Hartm.
Betula glabra Dumort.
Betula glauca Wender.
Betula glauca Wender.
Betula grandis Schrad.
Betula hackelii Opiz ex Steud.
Betula harcynica Wender. ex Steud., des. inval.
Betula jacutica V. N. Vassil.
Betula krylovii G. V. Krylov
Betula laciniata Blom
Betula laciniata Thunb., nom. illeg.
Betula lenta Du Roi
Betula lucida Courtois
Betula macrostachya Schrad. ex Regel
Betula major Gilib., des. inval.
Betula nigricans Wender.
Betula ovata K. Koch
Betula pontica Loudon
Betula populifolia Aiton
Betula rotundata Beck
Betula sajanensis V. N. Vassil.
Betula sokolowii Regel
Betula subarctica Orlova
Betula tomentosa Reitter & Abeleven
Betula torfacea Schleich.
Betula virgata Salisb.
Betula alba subsp. frutescens Wallr., des. inval.
Betula pubescens subsp. callosa (Notø) Á. Löve & D. Löve
Betula pubescens subsp. celtiberica (Rothm. & Vasc.) Rivas Mart.
Betula pubescens subsp. concinna (Gunnarsson) Á. Löve & D. Löve
Betula pubescens subsp. nigricans Maire ex Just
Betula pubescens subsp. ovalifolia (Sukaczev) Printz
Betula pubescens subsp. subarctica (Orlova) Á. Löve & D. Löve
Betula pubescens subsp. suecica Gunnarsson
Betula alba var. friesii Regel
Betula alba var. hornemannii Regel
Betula alba var. lupulina Wallr.
Betula alba var. ovata Neilr.
Betula alba var. parviflora Regel
Betula alba var. typica Trautv., des. inval.
Betula alba var. vulgaris Aiton
Betula alba var. vulgaris Willd.
Betula odorata var. alpigena Blytt
Betula pubescens var. appressa Kallio & Y. Mäkinen
Betula pubescens var. cryptocarpa Laest.
Betula pubescens var. friesii (Larss. ex Hartm.) Nyman
Betula pubescens var. glabra Fiek ex C. K. Schneid.
Betula pubescens var. lucida (Courtois) Wesm.
Betula pubescens var. media Laest.
Betula pubescens var. megalocarpa Laest.
Betula pubescens var. murithii (Gaudin ex Regel) Gremli
Betula pubescens var. nigricans (Wender.) Nyman
Betula pubescens var. oblongifolia Wimm.
Betula pubescens var. ovalifolia Sukaczev
Betula pubescens var. palmiformis Laest.
Betula pubescens var. rustica Laest.
Betula pubescens var. sibakademica Baran.
Betula pubescens var. silvatica Laest.
Betula pubescens var. silvestris Laest.
Betula pubescens var. subaequalis Laest.
Betula pubescens var. subalpina Laest.
Betula pubescens var. vestita Gren. & Godr.
Betula subarctica var. pojarkovae Tzvelev
Betula pubescens f. columnaris T. Ulvinen
Betula pubescens f. hibernifolia T. Ulvinen
Betula pubescens f. pendula Schelle, nom. nud.
Betula pubescens f. pendula-nana Schelle, nom. nud.
Betula pubescens f. rubra T. Ulvinen
Common names: abedoeira (Galician), abedoll (Catalan), abedugo (Asturian), abedugu (Asturian), abedul (Asturian), abedul (Galician), abedul (High Aragonese), abedul (Spanish, Castillian), abedul celtibérico (Spanish, Castillian), abedul de ciénaga (Spanish, Castillian), abedul pubescente (Spanish, Castillian), abedula (Asturian), abeduliega (Asturian), abedull (Catalan), abedulo (Galician), abedurio (Asturian), abeduzo (Galician), abelo (Galician), abidul (Asturian), abidul (Spanish, Castillian), abidur (Asturian), alba (Catalan), alba (Valencian), albar (Aragonese), albar (High Aragonese), albar (Spanish, Castillian), albelo (Galician), aliso blanco (Spanish, Castillian), avedul (Galician), barrazera (High Aragonese), beç (Catalan), bedoll (Catalan), bedoll celtibèric (Catalan), bedoll celtibèric (Spanish, Castillian), bedoll pubescent (Catalan), bedolo (Galician), bedot (Catalan), bedueiro (Galician), bedul (Asturian), bedul (Galician), bedul (Spanish, Castillian), bedules (Asturian), bedull (Catalan), bedull (High Aragonese), bédulo (Portuguese), bedut (Catalan), bes (Catalan), betula (Majorcan), betula (Portuguese), bétula (Portuguese), betulla (Portuguese), betuxo (Galician), bídalo (Galician), bideco (Galician), bido (Galician), bido (Portuguese), bidoeiro (Portuguese), bidouro (Galician), bidro (Galician), bidueiro (Galician), bidueiro (Spanish, Castillian), bidul (Asturian), bidul (Spanish, Castillian), biduleiro (Galician), bidulo (Galician), biduo (Galician), bidureiro (Asturian), bieso (Galician), bieso (Spanish, Castillian), biezo (Galician), biezo (Spanish, Castillian), boule (Catalan), brido (Galician), budio (Galician), burkia (Euskera), candelilla (Galician), carba (Galician), chopa blanca (Spanish, Castillian), epurqui (Euskera), llombrera (Asturian), llumbrera (Asturian), mañizas (Galician), paraza (Asturian), povos (Spanish, Castillian), suavizo (Spanish, Castillian), turqui (Euskera), urkhi (Euskera), urki (Euskera), urki iletsu (Euskera), urki zeltiberiko (Euskera), urkia (Euskera), urqui (Euskera), urquiya (Euskera), urquiza (Euskera), vídalo (Galician), vido (Portuguese), vidoeiro (Portuguese)[Credits]
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