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Details for: Quercus ilex

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Quercus ilex L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 995. 1753
Rank: Species
Is replaced synonym for: Quercus ilex var. genuina Cout.
Quercus ilex f. vulgaris Cout.
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Fagales Engl.
                              Familia - Fagaceae Dumort.
                                   Genus - Quercus L.
Invalid designations: Quercus ilex subsp. genuina (Cout.) C. Vicioso, des. inval.
Quercus ilex var. genuina Cout., des. inval.
Quercus ilex var. vulgaris (Cout.) C. Vicioso, des. inval.
Quercus ilex f. vulgaris Cout., des. inval.
Heterotypic synonyms: Quercus alpina Endl.
Quercus bellota Colmeiro & E. Boutelou
Quercus castellana Poir.
Quercus cookii Loudon
Quercus crispa K. Koch
Quercus cyclophylla Welw. ex Nyman
Quercus expansa Poir.
Quercus fagifolia K. Koch
Quercus fordii (Loudon) Carr
Quercus glauca Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr., nom. illeg.
Quercus gracilis Lange, nom. illeg.
Quercus gramuntia L.
Quercus ilicifolia Salisb.
Quercus integrifolia Steud.
Quercus laurei Coutange
Quercus marcetii Pau
Quercus mixta Reyn., nom. illeg.
Quercus montserratensis (Svent. & Marcet) Svent. & Marcet
Quercus oblonga K. Koch
Quercus prasina Pers.
Quercus pseudoilex Chatin
Quercus sempervirens Mill.
Quercus sinuata Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr., nom. illeg.
Quercus smilax L.
Quercus variifolia Sweet
Quercus ilex subsp. gracilis Rivas Mart. & Sáenz de Rivas
Quercus ilex subsp. montserratensis Svent. & Marcet
Quercus ballota var. grandifolia Colmeiro
Quercus ballota var. obovatifolia Colmeiro
Quercus ilex var. ambigua Albert
Quercus ilex var. angustifolia Gillot, nom. illeg.
Quercus ilex var. angustifolia Lam.
Quercus ilex var. aperta Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex var. argentata Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex var. brachycalyx Borzí
Quercus ilex var. brevicupulata (Laguna) C. Vicioso
Quercus ilex var. calycina (Poir.) Laguna
Quercus ilex var. cerasifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. conocarpa Ten.
Quercus ilex var. constricta Ten.
Quercus ilex var. cordifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. crispa Lodd.
Quercus ilex var. crispata Albert
Quercus ilex var. cylindrocarpa Ten.
Quercus ilex var. denudata Ten.
Quercus ilex var. depressa Albert
Quercus ilex var. dolichocalyx C. Vicioso
Quercus ilex var. elegans Albert
Quercus ilex var. ellipticifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. eucalyptoides Lojac.
Quercus ilex var. expansa (Poir.) A. Camus
Quercus ilex var. fagifolia Lodd.
Quercus ilex var. fagifolia Sprenger
Quercus ilex var. fimbriata Ten.
Quercus ilex var. fordii Loudon
Quercus ilex var. geminiflora Ten.
Quercus ilex var. genabii Bean
Quercus ilex var. glaucocaesia Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex var. gracilis Laguna
Quercus ilex var. gramunita (L.) Loudon
Quercus ilex var. grandifolia (Colmeiro) C. Vicioso
Quercus ilex var. integrifolia Lodd.
Quercus ilex var. intermedia Ten.
Quercus ilex var. lanceolata Kotschy
Quercus ilex var. latifolia Lodd.
Quercus ilex var. laurifolia Laguna
Quercus ilex var. longifolia Lodd.
Quercus ilex var. macrocarpa Albert
Quercus ilex var. macrophylla Ten.
Quercus ilex var. marcetii (Pau) C. Vicioso
Quercus ilex var. microbalana Borzí
Quercus ilex var. microcarpa Gand. ex A. Camus
Quercus ilex var. microphylla Batt. & Trab.
Quercus ilex var. mirabilis Albert
Quercus ilex var. myrtifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. obesa Albert
Quercus ilex var. oblongifolia Lam.
Quercus ilex var. obovatifolia (Colmeiro) C. Vicioso
Quercus ilex var. oleifolia Ten.
Quercus ilex var. oleoides Albert
Quercus ilex var. oosperma Albert
Quercus ilex var. operculata Ten.
Quercus ilex var. ovatiacutifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. ovifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. parvifolia Borzí
Quercus ilex var. pisiformis Albert
Quercus ilex var. plicata (Rouy) A. Camus
Quercus ilex var. polycarpa Ten.
Quercus ilex var. reducta Albert
Quercus ilex var. revoluta Albert, nom. illeg.
Quercus ilex var. revoluta Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex var. rhododendrifolia Murr
Quercus ilex var. rostrata Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex var. salicifolia Borzí
Quercus ilex var. serratifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. sinuosifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. smilax (L.) Asch. & Graebn.
Quercus ilex var. sphaerocarpa Ten.
Quercus ilex var. spinifolia Albert
Quercus ilex var. spinulosa Albert
Quercus ilex var. stenocarpa Albert
Quercus ilex var. strangulata Ten.
Quercus ilex var. subocculata Ten.
Quercus ilex var. subrevoluta A. Camus
Quercus ilex var. subsphaerocarpa Albert
Quercus ilex var. turbinata Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex var. undulata Albert
Quercus ilex var. undulata Ten.
Quercus ilex var. urceolata Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus smilax var. fordii (Loudon) Halácsy
Quercus ilex subvar. brevicalyx Albert
Quercus ilex subvar. caduca A. Camus
Quercus ilex subvar. capreifolia Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex subvar. cordifolia (Albert) A. Camus
Quercus ilex subvar. dehnhardtii Ten.
Quercus ilex subvar. laurifolia (Laguna) Albert
Quercus ilex subvar. marginata Rouy
Quercus ilex subvar. micracylos Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.
Quercus ilex subvar. parvifolia (Borzí) Albert
Quercus ilex subvar. plicata Rouy
Quercus ilex subvar. reducta (Albert) A. Camus
Quercus ilex f. ambigua (Albert) C. Vicioso
Quercus ilex f. obesa (Albert) F. M. Vázquez
Quercus ilex f. stenocarpa (Albert) F. M. Vázquez
Quercus ilex f. urceolata (Martrin-Donos & Timb.-Lagr.) F. M. Vázquez
Quercus rotundifolia f. dolichocalyx (C. Vicioso) F. M. Vázquez
Quercus rotundifolia f. expansa (Poir.) F. M. Vázquez
Common names: abarra (Euskera), aciña (Galician), aciñeira (Galician), aglà (Catalan), aglanar (Catalan), aglaner (Catalan), aglaner (Majorcan), aglanera (Catalan), aglanera (Majorcan), alsina (Catalan), alsina (Spanish, Castillian), alsina (Valencian), alsinera (Catalan), alzina (Catalan), alzina (Majorcan), alzina (Valencian), alzina carrasca (Catalan), alzina de fulla llarga (Catalan), alzina ravell (Majorcan), alzina vera (Catalan), alzinera (Catalan), ancina (Asturian), ancina (Galician), anciña (Galician), ancina (Spanish, Castillian), ardina (Asturian), argallón (agalla) (Spanish, Castillian), aritx (Euskera), arta (Euskera), arte (Euskera), artea (Euskera), artia (Euskera), artua (Euskera), asinheira (Portuguese), aulina (Catalan), ausina (Catalan), ausina (Majorcan), auzina (Catalan), auzina (Majorcan), auzina comuna (Majorcan), azinheira (Portuguese), azinheira da bolota doce (Portuguese), azinheiro (Portuguese), azinho (Portuguese), azinho vulgar (Portuguese), bellota (Spanish, Castillian), carraco-loireiro (Portuguese), carrasca (Aragonese), carrasca (Catalan), carrasca (Galician), carrasca (High Aragonese), carrasca (Portuguese), carrasca (Spanish, Castillian), carrasca (Valencian), carrasca clafolluda (Valencian), carrasca clofolluda (Spanish, Castillian), carrasca negra (Spanish, Castillian), carrasca vera (Valencian), carrascal (Spanish, Castillian), carrascla (Catalan), carrasco (Spanish, Castillian), carrasco loireiro (Portuguese), carrasqueira (Galician), carrasqueiro (Galician), carrasquera (High Aragonese), carrasquera (Spanish, Castillian), carrasquilla (Aragonese), carrasquilla (Spanish, Castillian), carroucha (Galician), carvalheiro-enzinho (Portuguese), carvalho-enzinho (Portuguese), chaparra (Galician), chaparra (Spanish, Castillian), chaparra de encina (Spanish, Castillian), chaparro (Spanish, Castillian), chaparro común (Spanish, Castillian), charrasco (Spanish, Castillian), chavasco (Spanish, Castillian), coscoja (Spanish, Castillian), coscoll (Majorcan), coscolla negra (Valencian), encina (Aragonese), encina (Asturian), enciña (Galician), encina (Spanish, Castillian), encina común (Spanish, Castillian), encina con hojas de acebo (Spanish, Castillian), encina d hojas largas dmuy pocas espinas y blandas (Spanish, Castillian), encina de bellotas amargas (Spanish, Castillian), encina de bellotas dulces (Spanish, Castillian), encina de hojas largas y dentadas (Spanish, Castillian), encina dulce (Spanish, Castillian), enciñeira (Galician), encino (Galician), enciño (Galician), encino (Spanish, Castillian), engenheira (Portuguese), ensinheira (Portuguese), enzinheira (Portuguese), enzino (Euskera), escurra (Euskera), escurracia (Euskera), escurzi (Euskera), eusina (Majorcan), ezkurr (Euskera), ezkurraitz (Euskera), ezkurrtze (Euskera), garric (Catalan), gla (Catalan), gla/glans (Catalan), glan (Catalan), gland (Catalan), glaner (Catalan), glans (Catalan), jardones (Galician), jardos (Galician), lenzino (Euskera), marrasca (Spanish, Castillian), mata parda (Spanish, Castillian), matacalles (Spanish, Castillian), matacán (Spanish, Castillian), mataparda (Spanish, Castillian), matorra (Spanish, Castillian), matorra parda (Spanish, Castillian), rebroll (Catalan), sardâo (Portuguese), sardoeira (Portuguese), sardón (Spanish, Castillian), tartaca (Euskera), txaparro-enzino (Euskera), xardón (Spanish, Castillian), xardones (Galician), zarbazta (Euskera)[Credits]
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