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Details for: Ficus carica

Source: Uotila, P. (2011): Moraceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Ficus carica L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 1059. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Rosales Bercht. & J. Presl
                              Familia - Moraceae Link
                                   Genus - Ficus L.
Synonyms: Ficus caprificus Risso
Ficus hyrcana Grossh.
Included taxa: Ficus carica subsp. rupestris (Boiss.) Browicz
Common names: albacora (Spanish, Castillian), añogales (Spanish, Castillian), añoral (Spanish, Castillian), bacora (Catalan), bacora (Spanish, Castillian), baforeira (Galician), baforeira (Portuguese), basa-pikotze (Euskera), baso-pikotze (Euskera), bikondo (Euskera), biku (Euskera), blanca (Spanish, Castillian), blanquilla (Spanish, Castillian), brebas (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), breva (Spanish, Castillian), breva blanca (Spanish, Castillian), breva negra (Spanish, Castillian), breval (Asturian), breval (Spanish, Castillian), brevala (Spanish, Castillian), brevalo (Spanish, Castillian), brevas (Spanish, Castillian), breveira (Galician), brevera (Spanish, Castillian), brevo (Spanish, Castillian), cabrafic (Catalan), cabrafiga (Catalan), cabrafigo (Galician), cabrafiguera (Catalan), cabra-figuera (Catalan), cabrahigo (Catalan), cabrahigo (Spanish, Castillian), cabrahiguera (Spanish, Castillian), cornicabra (Spanish, Castillian), eñoral (Spanish, Castillian), fic blancal (Catalan), fic cameta (Catalan), fic poletanes (Catalan), fic ull de perdiu (Catalan), fic verdal (Catalan), figa (Catalan), figa (fruto) (Aragonese), figa (fruto) (Valencian), figa/figues (Catalan), figal (Asturian), figal (Spanish, Castillian), figar (Asturian), figar (Spanish, Castillian), figar de breves (Asturian), figar de figos miguelinos (Asturian), figar de San Miguel (Asturian), figar miguelina (Asturian), figas (fruto) (Aragonese), figas (fruto) (Valencian), figo (Asturian), figo (Galician), figo (Portuguese), figo (Spanish, Castillian), figonera (Aragonese), figonera (Spanish, Castillian), figonero (Aragonese), figons (fruto) (Aragonese), figos (fruto) (Aragonese), figos miguelinos (Asturian), figos negros (Asturian), figu (Asturian), figu (Spanish, Castillian), figue (Catalan), figueira (Asturian), figueira (Galician), figueira (Portuguese), figueira (Spanish, Castillian), figueira baforeira (Portuguese), figueira brava (Galician), figueira brava (Portuguese), figueira de tocar (Galician), figueira de tocar (Portuguese), figueira mansa (Portuguese), figueira mansa da Europa (Portuguese), figueira ordinaria (Portuguese), figueira-brava (Galician), figueira-brava (Portuguese), figueira-de-tocar (Galician), figueira-de-tocar (Portuguese), figueira-mansa (Galician), figueira-mansa (Portuguese), figuer (Aragonese), figuer (Catalan), figuer (Spanish, Castillian), figuera (Aragonese), figuera (Asturian), figuera (Catalan), figuera (Majorcan), figuera (Spanish, Castillian), figuera (Valencian), figuera borda (Catalan), figuera borda (Majorcan), figuera comuna (Catalan), figuera de cristià (Catalan), figuera de cristiá (Majorcan), figuera de cristià (Majorcan), figues (Catalan), franciscana (Spanish, Castillian), galloza (Spanish, Castillian), godenes (Spanish, Castillian), gromo de figueira (Galician), h.igar (Asturian), h.igar breval (Asturian), h.igar miguelina (Asturian), h.igar montés (Asturian), h.igo (Asturian), higal (Spanish, Castillian), higar (Asturian), higar (Spanish, Castillian), higas (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), higera (Spanish, Castillian), higo (Asturian), higo (fruto) (Aragonese), higo (Spanish, Castillian), higo agrillo (Spanish, Castillian), higo agro (Spanish, Castillian), higo albar (Spanish, Castillian), higo albaraz (Spanish, Castillian), higo albicerato (Spanish, Castillian), higo algarbe (Spanish, Castillian), higo Ángela (Spanish, Castillian), higo bacoriño (Portuguese), higo blanco (Spanish, Castillian), higo bocal (Spanish, Castillian), higo borcejote (Spanish, Castillian), higo bujarasol (Spanish, Castillian), higo burchasote (Spanish, Castillian), higo burjasol (Spanish, Castillian), higo casta (Spanish, Castillian), higo celidonio (Spanish, Castillian), higo colorado (Spanish, Castillian), higo cordobil (Spanish, Castillian), higo cotio (Spanish, Castillian), higo cuello de paloma (Spanish, Castillian), higo de flor (Spanish, Castillian), higo de fraile (Spanish, Castillian), higo de rey doñigal (Spanish, Castillian), higo de rey oñigal (Spanish, Castillian), higo de San Miguel (Spanish, Castillian), higo del buen varón (Spanish, Castillian), higo diente de muerto (Spanish, Castillian), higo doñegal (Spanish, Castillian), higo dorado (Spanish, Castillian), higo franciscano (Spanish, Castillian), higo frentudo (Spanish, Castillian), higo Gabriela (Spanish, Castillian), higo gironeta (Spanish, Castillian), higo gombaira (Spanish, Castillian), higo gombaire (Spanish, Castillian), higo gordo (Spanish, Castillian), higo lampâo (Portuguese), higo lampo (Portuguese), higo lechero (Spanish, Castillian), higo Lepé (Spanish, Castillian), higo llongar (Spanish, Castillian), higo loco (Spanish, Castillian), higo longar (Spanish, Castillian), higo marisca (Portuguese), higo martinenco (Spanish, Castillian), higo martinengo (Spanish, Castillian), higo melado (Spanish, Castillian), higo melar (Portuguese), higo melar (Spanish, Castillian), higo morado (Spanish, Castillian), higo moscatel común (Spanish, Castillian), higo moscatel real (Spanish, Castillian), higo napolitano (Spanish, Castillian), higo negrillo (Spanish, Castillian), higo negro (Spanish, Castillian), higo oñegal (Spanish, Castillian), higo orihuelo (Spanish, Castillian), higo palopal (Spanish, Castillian), higo pardo (Spanish, Castillian), higo parejal (Spanish, Castillian), higo pata de mula (Spanish, Castillian), higo pedral (Spanish, Castillian), higo perolaso (Spanish, Castillian), higo perolaso largueado (Spanish, Castillian), higo perolaso redondo (Spanish, Castillian), higo pinto (Spanish, Castillian), higo portugués (Spanish, Castillian), higo rayado (Spanish, Castillian), higo rejaní (Spanish, Castillian), higo ribanchio (Portuguese), higo ribranchio (Portuguese), higo rojo (Spanish, Castillian), higo sabe-la-hoja (Spanish, Castillian), higo santiaguero (Spanish, Castillian), higo sayuelo (Spanish, Castillian), higo setembrino (Spanish, Castillian), higo sopa en vino (Spanish, Castillian), higo tardío (Spanish, Castillian), higo temprano (Spanish, Castillian), higo vacalar (Spanish, Castillian), higo vendimiao (Portuguese), higo verdal común (Spanish, Castillian), higo verdal de Orihuela (Spanish, Castillian), higo verdejo (Spanish, Castillian), higo violado (Spanish, Castillian), higos (Asturian), higos (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), higos (Spanish, Castillian), higos de San Miguel (Asturian), Higos moraos (Spanish, Castillian), higos negrales (Spanish, Castillian), higos verdales (Spanish, Castillian), higos verdes (Spanish, Castillian), higu (Spanish, Castillian), higuera (Aragonese), higuera (Asturian), higuera (Spanish, Castillian), higuera blanca (Spanish, Castillian), higuera borde (Spanish, Castillian), higuera brava (Spanish, Castillian), higuera bravía (Spanish, Castillian), higuera breval (Spanish, Castillian), higuera común (Spanish, Castillian), higuera cristiá (Spanish, Castillian), higuera cultivada (Spanish, Castillian), higuera de chasco (Spanish, Castillian), higuera de San Juan (Spanish, Castillian), higuera de San Miguel (Spanish, Castillian), higuera Juan Tranca (Spanish, Castillian), higuera loca (Spanish, Castillian), higuera mansa (Spanish, Castillian), higuera marranera (Spanish, Castillian), higuera negra (Spanish, Castillian), higuera rayá (Spanish, Castillian), higuera silvestre (Aragonese), higuera silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), higuera valenciana (Spanish, Castillian), higuero (Spanish, Castillian), iko (Euskera), iñoral (Spanish, Castillian), jayuelos (Spanish, Castillian), jigar (Spanish, Castillian), macoca (Spanish, Castillian), martilenca (Spanish, Castillian), napolitana (Spanish, Castillian), ñoral (Spanish, Castillian), pajarera (Spanish, Castillian), pámpana (Spanish, Castillian), pellejo toro (Spanish, Castillian), phikotze (Euskera), picoa (Euskera), picoarra (Euskera), picotzea (Euskera), picua (Euskera), pikoarr (Euskera), piko-arra (Euskera), piko-hondo (Euskera), pikondo (Euskera), pikondoa (Euskera), piko-ondo (Euskera), pikotze (Euskera), piku (Euskera), rojeta (Spanish, Castillian), sorgin-pico (Euskera), sorgin-piko (Euskera), torera (Spanish, Castillian), uzkapiko (Euskera), uztapica (Euskera), uztapiko (Euskera), vacabona (Spanish, Castillian), verdal (Spanish, Castillian), verdeja (Spanish, Castillian), vern bord (Catalan), zajoril (Spanish, Castillian), αγριοσυκιά (Greek), Σουκιά (Greek), Συκιά (Greek)[Credits]
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