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Details for: Chondrilla juncea

Source: Greuter, W. (2006+): Compositae (pro parte majore). – In: Greuter, W. & Raab-Straube, E. von (ed.): Compositae. Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
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Name: Chondrilla juncea L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 796. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Asterales
                              Familia - Compositae Giseke
                                   Tribus - Cichorieae Lam. & DC.
                                        Genus - Chondrilla L.
Heterotypic synonyms: Chondrilla acanthophylla Borkh.
Chondrilla vallisoletana Pau
Chondrilla juncea subsp. glabrescens Iljin
Misapplied names: "Chondrilla juncea var. latifolia" sec. Fiori, A. - Nuova flora analitica d’Italia 2 Firenze 1925-1929.
"Chondrilla juncea var. latifolia" sec. Zangheri, P. - Flora italica 1 (Testo) Padova 1976.
"Chondrilla juncea var. latifolia" sec. Willkomm, M. & Lange, J. - Prodromus florae hispanicae 2 Stuttgart 1865-1870.
"Chondrilla juncea var. latifolia" sec. Schinz, H. & Keller, R. - Flora der Schweiz, Ed. 3 2 Zürich 1914.
Included taxa: Chondrilla acantholepis Boiss.
Chondrilla brevirostris Fisch. & C. A. Mey.
Chondrilla canescens Kar. & Kir.
Chondrilla graminea M. Bieb.
Chondrilla latifolia M. Bieb.
Common names: Chondrilla sztywna (Polish), Chondrille à feuilles d’Acanthe (French), Chondrille à tiges de jonc (French), Chondrille effilée (French), Chondrille (French), Großer Knorpellattich (German), Lattugaccio comune (Italian), Radyk prutnatý (Czech), Ruten-Knorpelsalat (German), Zegun si zhukë (Albanian), Обикновен кривец (Bulgarian), Хондрилла ситниковидная (Russian), Խիժաճարճատուկ կնյունանման (Armenian), כונדרילה סמרנית (Israel (Hebrew)), כּוֹנְדְּרִילָה סַמְרָנִית (Israel (Hebrew)), خُنْدَريلى أَسَـلِيَّة (Arabic), abaleas (Spanish, Castillian), aballaderas (Spanish, Castillian), abujera (Spanish, Castillian), achicoria (Spanish, Castillian), achicoria dulce (Spanish, Castillian), achicoria dulze (Aragonese), achicorias dulces (Aragonese), achicorias dulces (Spanish, Castillian), agujera (Spanish, Castillian), agujeras (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera común (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera de peñas (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera delgada (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera dulce (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera juncal (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjera lechera (Spanish, Castillian), ajonjeras (Spanish, Castillian), ajujera (Spanish, Castillian), ajunjera (Spanish, Castillian), alijonjera (Spanish, Castillian), alijonjeras (Spanish, Castillian), aljonjera (Spanish, Castillian), aljunjera (Spanish, Castillian), almerón (Spanish, Castillian), almidones (Spanish, Castillian), almirón (Spanish, Castillian), almirón dulce (Spanish, Castillian), alonja (Catalan), alotxa (Catalan), angujera (Spanish, Castillian), asonjera (Spanish, Castillian), aujera (Spanish, Castillian), baleas (Spanish, Castillian), baleguera (Spanish, Castillian), baleo (Spanish, Castillian), baliadera (Spanish, Castillian), balladeras (Spanish, Castillian), cama-roja (Valencian), cama-roja de rel (Catalan), cama-roja de rel (Majorcan), cama-roja espinosa (Spanish, Castillian), camarotjas espinosas (Majorcan), cames-roges espinoses (Majorcan), cames-rotjes espinoses (Majorcan), carlina (Catalan), carnaruelo (Aragonese), carnaruelo (High Aragonese), carneruelos (Spanish, Castillian), carnigüelo (Aragonese), carnigüelo (High Aragonese), carnigüelos (Spanish, Castillian), carrigüelos (Spanish, Castillian), carrihuelo (Spanish, Castillian), chicoina (High Aragonese), chicoria (Spanish, Castillian), chicoria (Valencian), chicoria de algodón (Spanish, Castillian), chicoria descarnada (Spanish, Castillian), chicoria dulce (Spanish, Castillian), chicoria resinosa legítima (Spanish, Castillian), chondrí (Portuguese), chondrilla (Portuguese), Chondrille jonciforme (French), chondrillo (Portuguese), chorrina (Spanish, Castillian), chorrinas (Spanish, Castillian), codeta de gato (Aragonese), codeta de gato (High Aragonese), cogol (Spanish, Castillian), condrila (Spanish, Castillian), condrilla (Spanish, Castillian), escoba (Spanish, Castillian), escoba aujera (Spanish, Castillian), escoba de hojera (Spanish, Castillian), escobas (Spanish, Castillian), escobas de ajunjera (Spanish, Castillian), escobas de baleo (Spanish, Castillian), escobilla (Spanish, Castillian), escobillas (Spanish, Castillian), especie de almeiram (Portuguese), estaquet (Catalan), estaqueta (Catalan), estaquetes (Catalan), fusell (Catalan), fusell (Valencian), fusillos (Spanish, Castillian), gayombo (Spanish, Castillian), gayumbo (Spanish, Castillian), herba pera visc (Catalan), hierba del sarampión (Spanish, Castillian), hojavera (Spanish, Castillian), husillo (Spanish, Castillian), husillos (Aragonese), husillos (Spanish, Castillian), jonjera (Spanish, Castillian), junjera (Spanish, Castillian), junquerina (Spanish, Castillian), lecherina (Spanish, Castillian), lecherinas (Spanish, Castillian), lechuga de entre los planos (Spanish, Castillian), lechuga silvestre (Aragonese), lechuguilla (Spanish, Castillian), leituga (Portuguese), leituga branca (Portuguese), lenjunjera (Spanish, Castillian), lentuga branca (Portuguese), lijonjera (Spanish, Castillian), lijonjeras (Spanish, Castillian), lisonjera (Spanish, Castillian), lizón (Spanish, Castillian), lizones (Spanish, Castillian), llonja (Catalan), lonjera (Spanish, Castillian), manporrina (Spanish, Castillian), mástachs (Catalan), màstachs (Catalan), mastagueras (Catalan), màstec (Catalan), màstec (Valencian), màstec bord (Catalan), màstec/màstecs (Catalan), màstecs (Catalan), masteguera (Catalan), mastegueres (Catalan), màsterecs (Catalan), messeguera (Catalan), mosseguera (Catalan), pajo (Spanish, Castillian), pimpájaros (Spanish, Castillian), ripias (Spanish, Castillian), Salade-à-bûches (French), salmerón (Spanish, Castillian), sonjera (Spanish, Castillian), talleras (Spanish, Castillian), tallos (Spanish, Castillian), tamarillas (Spanish, Castillian), ternilla (Spanish, Castillian), ternillo (Spanish, Castillian), terniño (Spanish, Castillian), terniya (Spanish, Castillian), terrao (Spanish, Castillian), usillos (Spanish, Castillian), venaetes (Spanish, Castillian), visco (Portuguese), xicoira (Catalan), xicoira dolça (Catalan), xicoira dolsa (Catalan), xicoria dolça (Catalan)[Credits]
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