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Details for: Castanea crenata
Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Castanea crenata Siebold & Zucc.
Nomencl. ref.: Abh. Math.-Phys. Cl. Königl. Bayer. Akad. Wiss. 4(3): 324. 1846
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Fagales Engl.
                              Familia - Fagaceae Dumort.
                                   Genus - Castanea Mill.
Homotypic synonyms: Castanea japonica var. crenata (Siebold & Zucc.) Blume, nom. superfl.
Heterotypic synonyms: Castanea chinensis Hassk.
Castanea japonica Blume
Castanea kusakuri (Blume) Koidz.
Castanea pubinervis C. K. Schneid.
Castanea stricta Siebold & Zucc.
Castanea castanea var. pubinervis Sarg., des. inval.
Castanea crenata var. canescens (Blume) Koidz.
Castanea crenata var. caudata Miyoshi
Castanea crenata var. dulcis Nakai
Castanea crenata var. elongata (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. femina Makino
Castanea crenata var. imperfecta Makino
Castanea crenata var. japonica (Blume) Koidz.
Castanea crenata var. kawasei Sugim.
Castanea crenata var. kusakuri (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. longispina (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. microcarpa Makino
Castanea crenata var. obtexta (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. ookasi (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. pendula Miyoshi
Castanea crenata var. pleiocarpa Makino
Castanea crenata var. pulchella Honda
Castanea crenata var. quercina (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. siba-kuri (Blume) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. stricta (Siebold & Zucc.) A. Camus
Castanea crenata var. syakacephala Makino
Castanea crenata var. tamba A. Camus
Castanea japonica var. canescens Blume
Castanea japonica var. elongata Blume
Castanea japonica var. kusakuri Blume
Castanea japonica var. longispina Blume
Castanea japonica var. obtexta Blume
Castanea japonica var. ookasi Blume
Castanea japonica var. quercina Blume
Castanea japonica var. siba-kuri Blume
Castanea japonica var. stricta (Siebold & Zucc.) Blume
Castanea japonica var. typica Blume, des. inval.
Castanea sativa var. pubinervis (C. K. Schneid.) Makino
Castanea vulgaris var. elongata A. DC.
Castanea vulgaris var. japonica (Blume) A. DC.
Castanea vulgaris var. kusakuri (Blume) A. DC.
Castanea vulgaris var. subdentata A. DC.
Castanea crenata subvar. bournetii A. Camus
Castanea crenata f. femina (Makino) Sugim.
Castanea crenata f. gigantea Makino
Castanea crenata f. imperfecta (Makino) Sugim.
Castanea crenata f. pendula (Miyoshi) Sugim.
Castanea crenata f. pleiocarpa (Makino) Sugim.
Castanea crenata f. pulchella (Honda) Sugim.
Castanea crenata f. syakacephala (Makino) Sugim.
Common names: castanheiro-do-Japâo (Portuguese), castanheiro-do-japão (Portuguese), castanheiro-japonês (Portuguese), castaño japonés (Spanish, Castillian), gaztainondo japoniarra (Euskera), gaztainondo japonier (Euskera)[Credits]
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