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Details for: Salvia verbenaca

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Salvia verbenaca L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 25. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Lamiales
                              Familia - Lamiaceae Lindl.
                                   Genus - Salvia L.
Homotypic synonyms: Gallitrichum verbenacum (L.) Fourr.
Horminum verbenacum (L.) Mill.
Larnastyra verbenaca (L.) Raf.
Sclarea verbenaca (L.) Soják
Heterotypic synonyms: Flipanta ovata Raf.
Gallitrichum anglicum Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum arvale Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum candollei Timb.-Lagr.
Gallitrichum clandestinum (L.) Fourr.
Gallitrichum dichroanthum Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum horminioides (Pourr.) Timb.-Lagr.
Gallitrichum maculatum Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum pallidiflorum (St.-Amans) Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum ptychophyllum Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum rosulatum Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum rubellum Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum stereocaulon Jord. & Fourr.
Gallitrichum virgatum Jord. & Fourr.
Horminum sylvestre Gray
Larnastyra claytonii Raf.
Salvia acutata Brot.
Salvia agrestis Vill., nom. illeg.
Salvia ambigua Rochebr. & Sav., nom. illeg.
Salvia anglica (Jord. & Fourr.) Verl., Arv.-Touv. & Faure
Salvia betonicifolia Lam., nom. illeg.
Salvia candollei (Timb.-Lagr.) Timb.-Lagr.
Salvia ceratophylla C. A. Mey., nom. illeg.
Salvia clandestina L.
Salvia clandestinoides Link
Salvia claytonii Elliott
Salvia cleistogama de Bary & Paul
Salvia collina Lowe, nom. illeg.
Salvia controversa Ten.
Salvia disermas Sm., nom. illeg.
Salvia domenechii Sennen
Salvia dubia Lowe
Salvia erosa Desf.
Salvia hiemalis Brot.
Salvia horminioides Pourr.
Salvia illyrica Schult.
Salvia laciniata Willd.
Salvia linnaei Rouy
Salvia lowei Steud.
Salvia multifida Sm.
Salvia neglecta Ten.
Salvia oblongata De Not. ex Briq., nom. illeg.
Salvia oblongata Vahl
Salvia obtusata Brot., nom. illeg.
Salvia ochroleuca Coss. & Balansa, nom. nud.
Salvia pallidiflora St.-Amans
Salvia parviflora Brot.
Salvia polymorpha Hoffmanns. & Link
Salvia praecox Savi
Salvia pyrenaica L.
Salvia rhodantha Zefir.
Salvia rugosissima Zucc.
Salvia sabulicola Pomel
Salvia sennenii Font Quer ex Sennen
Salvia sibthorpii Bory & Chaub., nom. illeg.
Salvia spielmanniana M. Bieb.
Salvia spielmannii Willd.
Salvia variabilis Loisel. ex Benth.
Salvia verbenacoides Brot.
Salvia verbenifolia Salisb.
Salvia vivianii Sieber ex Rchb.
Sclarea decidua Moench
Sclarea rhodantha (Zefir.) Soják
Sclarea viscosissima Moench
Salvia clandestina subsp. multifida (Sm.) Nyman
Salvia verbenaca subsp. clandestina (L.) Briq.
Salvia verbenaca subsp. horminioides (Pourr.) Nyman
Salvia verbenaca subsp. multifida (Vis.) Briq.
Salvia verbenaca subsp. oblongata (Vahl) Nyman
Salvia clandestina var. hiemalis (Brot.) Nyman
Salvia clandestina var. obtusata Nyman
Salvia clandestina var. pallidiflora (St.-Amans) Nyman
Salvia multifida var. delicatula Sennen
Salvia verbenaca var. amplifrons Briq.
Salvia verbenaca var. australis Caruel
Salvia verbenaca var. clandestina (L.) Briq.
Salvia verbenaca var. controversa (Ten.) Briq.
Salvia verbenaca var. delicatula (Sennen) O. Bolòs & Vigo
Salvia verbenaca var. disermas Nyman
Salvia verbenaca var. horminioides (Pourr.) Briq.
Salvia verbenaca var. multifida Vis.
Salvia verbenaca var. oblongata (Vahl) Briq.
Salvia verbenaca var. serotina Boiss.
Salvia verbenaca var. sinuata Vis.
Salvia verbenaca var. vernalis Boiss.
Common names: árnica (Aragonese), arnicón (Aragonese), balsamilla (Aragonese), balsamilla (Spanish, Castillian), balsamilla de Aragón (Spanish, Castillian), balsamina (Aragonese), balsamina (Spanish, Castillian), balsamita (Spanish, Castillian), bálsamo (Aragonese), balsamo (High Aragonese), bálsamo (Spanish, Castillian), cáñamo de campo (Spanish, Castillian), càrrec (Valencian), crespo gallo (Spanish, Castillian), crespogallo (Spanish, Castillian), cresta de gall (Valencian), cresta de gallina (Spanish, Castillian), cresta de gallo (Aragonese), cresta de gallo (High Aragonese), cresta de gallo (Spanish, Castillian), cresta gallo (Spanish, Castillian), crestagallo (Spanish, Castillian), crestas de gallo (Spanish, Castillian), crista de galiña (Galician), cura cortes (High Aragonese), curacortes (Aragonese), dominguín (Spanish, Castillian), dornillos (Spanish, Castillian), erva-crista (Portuguese), gala-crista (Portuguese), gallicresta (Spanish, Castillian), gallocrespo (Spanish, Castillian), gallocresta (Galician), gallocresta (Spanish, Castillian), gallocresta común (Spanish, Castillian), gallocrista (Galician), gallocristo (Spanish, Castillian), galocrista (Galician), galocrista (Portuguese), gandollar (Euskera), gandollarra (Euskera), grana de cresta de gallo (Spanish, Castillian), herba da cruz (Galician), herba de Santa Lucía (Valencian), herba del mal d’ulls (Catalan), herba del mal d´ulls (Catalan), herba dos ollos (Galician), hierba de ciego (Spanish, Castillian), hierba de la cruz (Spanish, Castillian), hierba de la Santa Lucía (Spanish, Castillian), hierba de las golondrina (Spanish, Castillian), hierba de los ojos (Spanish, Castillian), hierba de Santa Lucía (Spanish, Castillian), hierba del ciego (Spanish, Castillian), hierba motera (Spanish, Castillian), hoja de gallo (Spanish, Castillian), horminio (Spanish, Castillian), hormino silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), irúrina (Euskera), lo tàrrec (Valencian), manrubio (Spanish, Castillian), maro negro (Spanish, Castillian), maro negro sevillano (Spanish, Castillian), maro sevillano (Spanish, Castillian), mata salamanquesa (Spanish, Castillian), ormino (Galician), ormino (Spanish, Castillian), ormino salvaje (Spanish, Castillian), ormino silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), orobal (Spanish, Castillian), oropeso (Spanish, Castillian), rabo de gato (Spanish, Castillian), romero real (Spanish, Castillian), salamanquesa (Spanish, Castillian), salbia (Aragonese), salbia (High Aragonese), salva brava de inverno (Portuguese), salva de inverno (Portuguese), salva marinha (Portuguese), salva-dos-caminhos (Portuguese), salvia (Aragonese), salvia (Catalan), salvia (Spanish, Castillian), salvia (Valencian), sàlvia tàrrec (Catalan), sanjuanines (Spanish, Castillian), sense nom (Catalan), tabaco domingo (Spanish, Castillian), tabaco domingué (Spanish, Castillian), tabaco mataquintos (Spanish, Castillian), tarech (Valencian), targa (Catalan), tarrac (Catalan), tárrac (Catalan), tárrago (Spanish, Castillian), tàrrago (Valencian), tarrax (Spanish, Castillian), tarrec (Catalan), tárrec (Catalan), tàrrec (Catalan), tarrec (Majorcan), tàrrec (Majorcan), tarrec (Valencian), tàrrec (Valencian), tarrech (Catalan), tarrech (Majorcan), tàrrecs (Catalan), tàrrega (Catalan), tarrega (Majorcan), tàrrega (Majorcan), tàrrega (Valencian), tàrrego (Valencian), tarró (Catalan), trigo de gallina (Spanish, Castillian), verbena (Spanish, Castillian), verbenaca (Spanish, Castillian), yerba de gallina (Spanish, Castillian), yerba de la cruz (Spanish, Castillian), yerba de la golondrina (Spanish, Castillian), yerba de los ojos (Spanish, Castillian), yerba-motera (Spanish, Castillian), zauri-belar (Euskera)[Credits]
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