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Details for: Sideritis

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Sideritis L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 574. 1753
Rank: Genus
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Lamiales
                              Familia - Lamiaceae Lindl.
Heterotypic synonyms: Burgsdorfia Moench
Cunila Mill.
Empedoclia Raf.
Fracastora Adans.
Hesiodia Moench
Leria Adans.
Leucophae Webb & Berthel.
Marrubiastrum Tourn. ex Moench
Navicularia Heist. ex Fabr.
Included taxa: Sideritis ajpetriana Klokov
Sideritis akmanii Aytac, Ekici & Donmez
Sideritis albiflora Hub.-Mor.
Sideritis algarviensis D. Rivera & Obón
Sideritis altiatlantica (Font Quer) Peris, Stübing & Figuerola
Sideritis amagroi Marrero Rodr. & B. Navarro
Sideritis amasiaca Bornm.
Sideritis antiatlantica (Maire) Rejdali
Sideritis aranensis (Font Quer) D. Rivera & Obón
Sideritis arborescens Salzm. ex Benth.
Sideritis arguta Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis argyrea P. H. Davis
Sideritis armeniaca Bornm.
Sideritis atlantica Pomel
Sideritis atrinervia Klokov
Sideritis barbellata Mend.-Heuer
Sideritis bilgeriana P. H. Davis
Sideritis boissieriana Peris & al.
Sideritis bolleana Bornm.
Sideritis brachycalyx Pau
Sideritis brevibracteata P. H. Davis
Sideritis brevicaulis Mend.-Heuer
Sideritis brevidens P. H. Davis
Sideritis bubanii Font Quer
Sideritis caesarea H. Duman, Aytaç & Baser
Sideritis calduchii Cirujano & al.
Sideritis camarae (Pau) Sennen
Sideritis canariensis L.
Sideritis candicans Aiton
Sideritis carbonellis Socorro
Sideritis carolipauana Peris & Stübing
Sideritis catillaris Juz.
Sideritis chamaedryfolia Cav.
Sideritis cilicica Boiss. & Balansa
Sideritis cirujanoi Romo & al.
Sideritis clandestina (Bory & Chaub.) Hayek
Sideritis condensata Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis congesta P. H. Davis & Hub.-Mor.
Sideritis cossoniana Ball
Sideritis cretica L.
Sideritis cuatrecasasii Peris, Stübing & Figuerola
Sideritis cypria Post
Sideritis cystosiphon Svent.
Sideritis danielii D. Rivera & Obón
Sideritis dasygnaphala (Webb & Berthel.) Clos
Sideritis dendrochahorra Bolle
Sideritis dianica D. Rivera & al.
Sideritis dichotoma Huter
Sideritis discolor Willd. ex Bolle
Sideritis dubia Coulomb
Sideritis edetana (Pau ex Font Quer) Peris, Figuerola & Stübing
Sideritis endressii Willk.
Sideritis eriocephala Marrero Rodr. ex Negrín & P. Pérez
Sideritis erythrantha Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis euboea Heldr.
Sideritis euxina Juz.
Sideritis fernandez-casasii Rosello & al.
Sideritis ferrensis P. Pérez & Négrin
Sideritis flaviflora Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis fontiqueriana Peris, Romo & Stübing
Sideritis fruticulosa Pourr.
Sideritis gaditana Rouy
Sideritis galatica Bornm.
Sideritis germanicopolitana Bornm.
Sideritis gineslopezii Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis glacialis Boiss.
Sideritis glauca Cav.
Sideritis gomeraea Bolle
Sideritis gossypina Font Quer
Sideritis grandiflora Salzm. ex Benth.
Sideritis guayedrae Marrero Rodr.
Sideritis gulendamii H. Duman & Karaveliogullari
Sideritis guyoniana Boiss. & Reut.
Sideritis hirsuta L.
Sideritis hispida P. H. Davis
Sideritis hololeuca Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis huber-morathii Greuter & Burdet
Sideritis hyssopifolia L.
Sideritis ibanezii Pau
Sideritis ibrahinii Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis ilicifolia Willd.
Sideritis imbricata H. Lindb.
Sideritis incana L.
Sideritis infernalis Bolle
Sideritis italica (Mill.) Greuter & Burdet
Sideritis jahandiezii Font Quer
Sideritis kuegleriana Bornm.
Sideritis lacaitae Font Quer
Sideritis lanata L.
Sideritis lasiantha Juss. ex Pers.
Sideritis laxispicata (Degen & Debeaux) Socorro, I. Tarrega & Zafra
Sideritis leptoclada O. Schwarz & P. H. Davis
Sideritis leucantha Cav.
Sideritis libanotica Labill.
Sideritis lotsyi (Pit.) Ceballos & Ortuño
Sideritis lurida J. Gay
Sideritis luteola Font Quer
Sideritis lycia Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis macrostachys Poir.
Sideritis maireana Font Quer & Pau
Sideritis marianica Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis marminorensis Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis marmorea Bolle
Sideritis matris-filiae Emb. & Maire
Sideritis maura Noë
Sideritis mezgouti Molero & J. M. Monts.
Sideritis molinae Stübing, Peris & Figuerola
Sideritis montana L.
Sideritis montserratiana Stübing & al.
Sideritis munyozgarmendiae Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis murgetana Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis nervosa (Christ) Linding.
Sideritis niveotomentosa Hub.-Mor.
Sideritis nutans Svent.
Sideritis obonisriveraeque Stübing & al.
Sideritis ochroleuca Noë ex Willk.
Sideritis oroteneriffae Négrin & P. Pérez
Sideritis ortonedae Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis osteoxylla (Pau) Alcaraz & al.
Sideritis ovata Cav.
Sideritis ozturkii Aytaç & Aksoy
Sideritis paulii Pau
Sideritis perezlarae (Borja) Rosello, Stübing & Peris
Sideritis perfoliata L.
Sideritis phlomoides Boiss. & Balansa
Sideritis phrygia Bornm.
Sideritis pisidica Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis pullulans Vent.
Sideritis pumila (Christ) Mendoza-Heuer
Sideritis pungens Benth.
Sideritis pusilla (Lange) Pau
Sideritis raeseri Boiss. & Heldr.
Sideritis reverchonii Willk.
Sideritis romana L.
Sideritis romoi Peris & al.
Sideritis rubriflora Hub.-Mor.
Sideritis sauvageana D. Rivera & Obón
Sideritis scardica Griseb.
Sideritis sericea Pers.
Sideritis serrata Cav. ex Lag.
Sideritis serratifolia Hub.-Mor.
Sideritis sierrarafolsiana Roselló & al.
Sideritis sipylea Boiss.
Sideritis soluta Clos
Sideritis spinulosa Barnades ex Asso
Sideritis stachydioides Willk.
Sideritis stricta Benth.
Sideritis subatlantica Batt.
Sideritis subspinosa Cav.
Sideritis sventenii (G. Kunkel) Mend.-Heuer
Sideritis syriaca L.
Sideritis tafraoutiana Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis taurica Steph. ex Willd.
Sideritis tmolea P. H. Davis
Sideritis tragoriganum Lag.
Sideritis trojana Bornm.
Sideritis tugiensis S. Ríos, M. B. Crespo & D. Rivera
Sideritis tunetana (Murb.) Obón & D. Rivera
Sideritis velayosiana Peris & al.
Sideritis villosa Coss. & Ball
Sideritis viridifolia Dulac
Sideritis vulcanica Hub.-Mor.
Sideritis vuralii H. Duman & Baser
Maps: distribution
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