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Details for: Lolium temulentum
Source: Valdés, B. & Scholz, H.; with contributions from Raab-Straube, E. von & Parolly, G. (2009): Poaceae (pro parte majore). Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
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Name: Lolium temulentum L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 83. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Lilianae
                         Ordo - Poales
                              Familia - Poaceae Barnhart
                                   Tribus - Poeae R. Br.
                                        Genus - Lolium L.
Homotypic synonyms: Festuca temulenta (L.) Columbus & J. P. Sm.
Heterotypic synonyms: Lolium arvense With.
Lolium gussonei Parl.
Lolium speciosum M. Bieb.
Lolium temulentum subsp. arvense (With.) Tzvelev
Lolium temulentum subsp. gussonei (Parl.) Pignatti
Lolium temulentum subsp. speciosum (M. Bieb.) Arcang.
Common names: זוּן מְשַׁכֵּר (Israel (Hebrew)), adaza (Aragonese), agram bord (Catalan), balanco (Spanish, Castillian), balango (Spanish, Castillian), baliyo (Spanish, Castillian), ballico (Spanish, Castillian), balluarta (Aragonese), balluarta (High Aragonese), barrachuela (Spanish, Castillian), Bearded ryegrass (English), benaloca (Spanish, Castillian), bidaga (Aragonese), biraca (Aragonese), biraca (High Aragonese), biraga (Aragonese), biraga (Catalan), biraga (High Aragonese), biraga (Valencian), borrachera (Spanish, Castillian), borrachuela (Spanish, Castillian), buélago (Spanish, Castillian), buéligo (Spanish, Castillian), buélligo (Spanish, Castillian), buelo (Spanish, Castillian), càgola (Catalan), cizaña (Galician), cizaña (Spanish, Castillian), cizaña común (Spanish, Castillian), cizânia (Galician), cizânia (Portuguese), cizania (Spanish, Castillian), codeta (Aragonese), codeta (semilla) (Aragonese), codeta (Spanish, Castillian), cogul (Aragonese), cominillo (Spanish, Castillian), espantapájaros (Spanish, Castillian), full (Valencian), garizoro (Euskera), grama triguera (Spanish, Castillian), güergo (High Aragonese), hierba castellana (Spanish, Castillian), hierba forrajera (Spanish, Castillian), hierba triguera (Spanish, Castillian), hilindi (Euskera), hiraka (Euskera), ilindi (Euskera), iracá (Euskera), iraka (Euskera), iralka (Euskera), jisca (Aragonese), jisca (High Aragonese), joio (Galician), joio (Portuguese), joio (Spanish, Castillian), jolio (Spanish, Castillian), joyo (Portuguese), joyo (Spanish, Castillian), jui (Catalan), jui (Majorcan), jull (Catalan), jull (Majorcan), jull (Valencian), juy (Catalan), juy (Majorcan), libraka (Euskera), lliojo (Spanish, Castillian), llojo (Spanish, Castillian), llollo (Aragonese), llollo (Euskera), llollo (High Aragonese), llollo (Spanish, Castillian), lluejo (Spanish, Castillian), lluello (Aragonese), lluelo (High Aragonese), llul (Catalan), llul (Valencian), llull (Aragonese), lolloa (Euskera), luejo (Spanish, Castillian), luello (Aragonese), luello (High Aragonese), lunejo (Spanish, Castillian), margall (Valencian), meruxa (Asturian), negrillo (Spanish, Castillian), nelaboji svidrė (Lithuanian), niebla (Spanish, Castillian), olabeorr (Euskera), olabeurr (Euskera), orxa (Galician), pintamonas (Spanish, Castillian), rabillo (Euskera), rabillo (Spanish, Castillian), ramillo (Spanish, Castillian), ratja (Catalan), reibuma airene (Latvian), royada (Spanish, Castillian), sisanya (Catalan), siserón (Spanish, Castillian), sollo (Spanish, Castillian), tabaco (Spanish, Castillian), tarela (Galician), tarela (Portuguese), Taumel-Lolch (German), Uimastav raihein (Estonian), vallico (Aragonese), vallico (Spanish, Castillian), vallico falso (Spanish, Castillian), vellico (Spanish, Castillian), viraga (Aragonese), viraga (Spanish, Castillian), xoio (Galician), xoio (Portuguese), xoyo (Galician), yoyo (Spanish, Castillian), yoyos (Spanish, Castillian), zalquea (Euskera), zitzània (Catalan), zitzània (Majorcan), zizaña (Catalan), zizaña (Majorcan), zizaña (Spanish, Castillian), zizaña común (Spanish, Castillian), zizaña de la cebada (Spanish, Castillian), zizaña del trigo (Spanish, Castillian), zizania (Catalan), zizania (Spanish, Castillian), zizania bastarda (Portuguese), zoragarri (Euskera), zoragarria (Euskera)[Credits]
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