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Med-Checklist Geographical Area Abbreviations

Division of Europe into 'territories'which are indicated by two-letter abbreviations after the summary of geographical distribution for each species. These abbreviations are derived from the Latin name of the territory concerned.

From: Greuter & al. (ed.): Med-Checklist.

Abbr. "Territory" Abbr. "Teritory"
AE East Aegean Islands It Italy
Ag Algeria Ju Jugoslavia
Al Albania Li Libya
An Asiatic Turkey LS Lebanon and Syria
Bl Balearic Islands Lu Portugal
Bu Bulgaria Ma Morocco
Co Corsica Me Malta
Cr Crete and Karpathos RK Crimea
Cy Cyprus Sa Sardinia
Eg Egypt Si Sicily
Ga France Sn Sinai
Gr Greece Tn Tunisia
Hs Spain Tu Turkey-in-Europe
IJ Israel and Jordan

Distribution in individual territory given as:

+   present as native
?   doubtfully present
-   absent but reported in error
E   formerly present but presumably extinc


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