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Occurrence details for: Erucastrum

Source: Marhold, K. (2011): Brassicaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.

Name: Erucastrum C. Presl
Nomencl. ref.: in C. Presl, Fl. Sicul.: 92. 1826
Nomencl. status: nom. cons.
Rank: Genus
Ag Algeria native Calculated
Al Albania native Calculated
Au Austria with Liechtenstein native Calculated
Au(A) Austria introduced Calculated
Be(B) Belgium introduced Calculated
Bl Baleares native Calculated
Bl(I) Ibiza with Formentera native Calculated
Bl(N) Menorca native Calculated
Br Great Britain introduced Calculated
By Belarus introduced Calculated
Ca Canary Is. native Calculated
Ca(C) Gran Canaria native Calculated
Ca(F) Fuerteventura with Lobos native Calculated
Ca(G) Gomera native Calculated
Ca(H) Hierro native Calculated
Ca(L) Lanzarote with Graciosa native Calculated
Ca(P) La Palma native Calculated
Ca(T) Tenerife native Calculated
Cs Czech Republic introduced Calculated
Ct Croatia native Calculated
Da Denmark with Bornholm introduced Calculated
Eg Egypt native Calculated
Es Estonia introduced Calculated
Fe Finland with Ahvenanmaa introduced Calculated
Ga France native Calculated
Ga(F) France native Calculated
Ge Germany native Calculated
Hb Ireland introduced Calculated
Hb(E) Ireland introduced Calculated
He Switzerland native Calculated
Ho Netherlands native Calculated
Hs Spain native Calculated
Hs(A) Andorra native Calculated
Hs(S) Spain native Calculated
Hu Hungary native Calculated
It Italy native Calculated
Ju Former Jugoslavia native Calculated
La Latvia introduced Calculated
Li Libya native Calculated
Lt Lithuania introduced Calculated
Lu Portugal native Calculated
Ma Morocco native Calculated
No Norway introduced Calculated
Rf The Russian Federation introduced Calculated
Rm Romania introduced Calculated
Si Sicily with Malta native Calculated
Sk Slovakia introduced Calculated
Sl Slovenia native Calculated
Sr Serbia including Kosovo and Vojvodina introduced Calculated
Su Sweden introduced Calculated
Uk Ukraine introduced Calculated
Uk(K) Crimea introduced Calculated
Uk(U) Ukraine introduced Calculated

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