Occurrence details for: Lupinus angustifolius subsp. angustifolius
Source: ILDIS World Database of Legumes 2010. (copyright © ILDIS).

Name: Lupinus angustifolius L. subsp. angustifolius
Rank: Subspecies
Au(A) Austria introduced Reference
Az Azores introduced Reference
Bu Bulgaria native Reference
Co Corse native Reference
Cr Kriti with Karpathos, Kasos & Gavdhos native Reference
Cz Former Czechoslovakia introduced Reference
EM Euro+Med endemic for EM Reference
Ga France native Calculated
Ga(F) France native Reference
Ge Germany introduced Reference
Gr Greece native Reference
He Switzerland introduced Reference
Hs Spain native Calculated
Hs(S) Spain native Reference
Hu Hungary introduced Reference
It Italy native Reference
Lu Portugal native Reference
Po Poland introduced Reference
Rm Romania introduced Reference
Sa Sardegna native Reference
Si(S) Sicily native Reference
Tu Turkey native Calculated
Tu(E) Turkey-in-Europe native Reference