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Details for: Vicia sativa

Source: ILDIS World Database of Legumes 2010. (copyright © ILDIS).

Name: Vicia sativa L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 736. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Fabales Bromhead
                              Familia - Fabaceae Lindl.
                                   Tribus - Vicieae
                                        Genus - Vicia L.
Synonyms: Vicia bacla Moench
Vicia communis Rouy
Vicia cornigera Chaub.
Vicia cornigera St.-Amans
Vicia cosentini Guss.
Vicia cuneata Gren. & Godr.
Vicia erythosperma Rchb.
Vicia glabra Schleich.
Vicia intermedia Viv.
Vicia leucosperma Moench
Vicia maculata Rouy
Vicia melanosperma Rchb.
Vicia morisiana Boreau
Vicia nemoralis (Pers.) Boreau
Vicia nemoralis Ten.
Vicia notota Gilib.
Vicia pallida Baker
Vicia pimpinelloides Mauri
Vicia terana Losa
Vicia vulgaris Uspensky
Vicia sativa subsp. terana (Losa) Benedí & Molero (provisional)
Included taxa: Vicia sativa var. platysperma Barulina
Vicia sativa L. subsp. sativa
Vicia sativa subsp. amphicarpa (Dorthes) Asch.
Vicia sativa subsp. cordata (Hoppe) Batt.
Vicia sativa subsp. devia J. G. Costa
Vicia sativa subsp. incisa (M. Bieb.) Arcang.
Vicia sativa subsp. macrocarpa (Moris) Arcang.
Vicia sativa subsp. nigra (L.) Ehrh.
Comments: Distinct from V.pallida sensu Baker, which is not the V.pallida of Turcz., In "Flora Kavkaza" var. incisa (M.Bieb.)Boiss. is recognized, in all temperate regions of the world up to 1200 m., Native of Europe and Asia; widely naturalised elsewhere., Native to Europe., Origin unknown; widely distributed; often an escape from cultivation; occurs
Common names: abrejacón (Spanish, Castillian), Acker-Wicke (German), albajaca (Spanish, Castillian), albajana (Spanish, Castillian), albejana (Spanish, Castillian), alberja (Spanish, Castillian), alberjana (Spanish, Castillian), alberjanca (Spanish, Castillian), alberjón (Spanish, Castillian), albilla (Spanish, Castillian), algarroba (Spanish, Castillian), algarroba común (Spanish, Castillian), algarroba de borrico (Spanish, Castillian), algarrobas (Spanish, Castillian), algarroba-veza (Spanish, Castillian), algarrobilla (Spanish, Castillian), alveja (Spanish, Castillian), alvejas (Spanish, Castillian), alvejones (Spanish, Castillian), alverja (Spanish, Castillian), alverja silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), alverjacón (Spanish, Castillian), alverjana (Spanish, Castillian), alverjana andaluza (Spanish, Castillian), alverjana de Castilla (Spanish, Castillian), alverjaque (Spanish, Castillian), alverjas (Spanish, Castillian), alverjas de burru (Spanish, Castillian), alverjilla (Spanish, Castillian), alverjón (Spanish, Castillian), alverjones (Spanish, Castillian), arabeja (Spanish, Castillian), arbeicha (Spanish, Castillian), arbeja (Spanish, Castillian), arbejuela (Euskera), arbejuela-borte (Euskera), arberjones (Spanish, Castillian), arbeu bravu (Asturian), arbexaca (Spanish, Castillian), arbeyaca (Asturian), arbeyana (Asturian), arbeyeira (Asturian), arbeyu (Asturian), arrica (Spanish, Castillian), arveaca (Spanish, Castillian), arvechaca (Spanish, Castillian), arvecho (Asturian), Arveja (), arveja (Spanish, Castillian), arveja colorada (Spanish, Castillian), Arveja Comun (Spanish, Castillian), arveja común (Spanish, Castillian), arveja negra (Spanish, Castillian), arvejaca (Spanish, Castillian), arvejana (Spanish, Castillian), arvejas (Spanish, Castillian), arvejilla (Spanish, Castillian), arvejo (Spanish, Castillian), arvejón (Spanish, Castillian), arvella (Catalan), arvella (Valencian), arvellaca (Galician), arvellas (Catalan), arvellas (Valencian), arvelles (Catalan), arverja (Spanish, Castillian), arverjana (Spanish, Castillian), arveyo (Asturian), arveyo (Spanish, Castillian), arveyu (Asturian), arvichaca (Spanish, Castillian), arvillas de perru (Asturian), arviyu (Asturian), avejaca (Spanish, Castillian), avejácara (Spanish, Castillian), avejacón (Spanish, Castillian), avejones (Spanish, Castillian), avellaca (Galician), averjaca (Spanish, Castillian), avesa (Spanish, Castillian), aveza (Catalan), aveza (Spanish, Castillian), aveza (Valencian), barbilló (Catalan), bejancones (Spanish, Castillian), bellaca (Galician), berza (Galician), berzo (Spanish, Castillian), berzón (Spanish, Castillian), beza (Euskera), beza (Galician), beza-borta (Euskera), bezilla (Euskera), bezilla-borta (Euskera), bisalto (Catalan), bisalto (Valencian), borricón (Spanish, Castillian), brenza (Galician), burricón (Spanish, Castillian), caballuna (Spanish, Castillian), cagayón de rato (Spanish, Castillian), carballón (Spanish, Castillian), carnecría (Galician), Chveulebrivi Tzertzvela (Georgian), clarín (Spanish, Castillian), Common Vetch (English), corvina (Spanish, Castillian), Ekin Lerke (Azerbaijan), ervellaca (Galician), ervellosa (Galician), ervilhaca (Portuguese), ervilhaca doméstica (Portuguese), ervilhaca ordinaria (Portuguese), ervilhaca-comum (Portuguese), ervillaca (Galician), fabaca (Galician), fabaraca (Asturian), faba-vesa (Majorcan), fabolí negre (Majorcan), Fodervicker (Swedish), franco (Spanish, Castillian), Garoshak Pasyaouny (Belarusian), garrobilla (Spanish, Castillian), garrofí (Catalan), garrofina (Catalan), garrofins (Catalan), garrosins (Catalan), garroví (Catalan), garroxins (Catalan), Goroshek Kormovoi (Russian), Goroshek Posevnoi (Russian), Goroshok Posivnyi (Ukraine), guerguellida (High Aragonese), guija (Spanish, Castillian), guijas de burro (Spanish, Castillian), guijeta (Aragonese), guijeta (Catalan), guijeta (Spanish, Castillian), guixes de burro (Valencian), guixeta (Aragonese), guixeta (Catalan), guixeta (Spanish, Castillian), herba bellaca (Galician), herba d’a fame (Galician), herba da fame (Galician), herba do crego (Galician), herbellaca (Galician), ilarra (Euskera), illarra (Euskera), Lentille Sauvage (French), leriquia (Galician), liriquia (Galician), livica (Galician), llegument (Catalan), llegumet (Catalan), madrasta triguera (Spanish, Castillian), Mazariche (Roumanian), nichela (Galician), pan do cuco (Galician), pesolillo (Spanish, Castillian), pesolillo borde (Spanish, Castillian), pesolina (Valencian), pesolinera (Valencian), pimpinela (Spanish, Castillian), piseo (Spanish, Castillian), Pois France (French), presule borde (Spanish, Castillian), ralica (Portuguese), Rehuvirna (Finnish), ricas (Spanish, Castillian), Saat-Wicke (German), Sejamasis Vikis (Lithuanian), Sejas Viki (Latvian), Sommer-Wicke (German), Spring Vetch (English), suba-illar (Euskera), tapissots (Catalan), Tare (), titarra (Spanish, Castillian), titarrina (Spanish, Castillian), tito redondo (Spanish, Castillian), titón (Spanish, Castillian), Vasarinis Vikis (Lithuanian), veça (Catalan), veça (Majorcan), veça/veces (Catalan), Veccia Comune (Italian), vecera (Catalan), vecera (Valencian), vecera borda (Catalan), vecera vera (Catalan), verza (Galician), verza (Spanish, Castillian), vesa-fabolí (Majorcan), vesas (Catalan), vesas (Majorcan), Vesce Cultivee (French), veses (Valencian), vessas (Catalan), vessas (Majorcan), vesses (Catalan), vesses (Valencian), Vetch (English), veza (Asturian), veza (Euskera), veza (Galician), veza (High Aragonese), veza (Spanish, Castillian), veza blanca (Spanish, Castillian), veza común (Spanish, Castillian), veza forrajera (Spanish, Castillian), veza negra (Spanish, Castillian), veza silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), vezas (Spanish, Castillian), vicia (Spanish, Castillian), vicia silvestre (Asturian), Viikk Ehk Kurehernes (Estonian), Vik Tzanovi (Armenian), Vika (Belarusian), Vika Posevnaya (Russian), Vikkeri (Finnish), Wyka Siewna (Polish), yapina (Spanish, Castillian), yeros (Spanish, Castillian), zalde (Euskera), zalge (Euskera), zalka (Euskera), zalke (Euskera), zalke arrunt (Euskera), zalkia (Euskera), zuhain-zalkea (Euskera), zuhain-zalkia (Euskera)[Credits]
Conservation Status: Not Threatened
Maps: distribution
Occurrence: Ab(A N) AE(G) Ag Al Ar Au(A) Az Be(B) Bl Br Bu By Co Cr Cy Cz Da Eg Es Fe Ga(F) Ge Gg(A D G) Gr Hb(E) He Ho Hs(S) Hu Ir It dJo Ju La dLe Lt Lu Ma Md Mo No Po Rf(C CS E K N NW S) Rm Sa Si(M S) Sn Su dSy Tn Tu(A E) Uk(K U) [Ab(A N) Ar By Es Fa Gg(A G) Is La Lt Mo Rf(C CS E K N NW S) Sb Uk(K U)]
Use: Food and Drink, Forage, Medicine, Weed

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