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Details for: Polygonum

Source: Uotila, P. (2017): Polygonaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Polygonum L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 359. 1753
Nomencl. status: nom. cons.
Rank: Genus
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Familia - Polygonaceae Juss.
Included taxa: Polygonum acetosum M. Bieb.
Polygonum achoreum S. F. Blake
Polygonum afyonicum Leblebici & Gemici
Polygonum albanicum Jáv.
Polygonum arenarium Waldst. & Kit.
Polygonum argyrocoleon Kunze
Polygonum aschersonianum H. Gross
Polygonum balansae Boiss.
Polygonum bellardii All.
Polygonum camporum Meisn.
Polygonum cappadocicum Boiss. & Balansa
Polygonum cedrorum Boiss. & Kotschy
Polygonum cognatum Meisn.
Polygonum corrigioloides Jaub. & Spach
Polygonum ekimianum Leblebici & al.
Polygonum equisetiforme Sm.
Polygonum erectum L.
Polygonum excelsius (Karlsson) Uotila
Polygonum floribundum Spreng.
Polygonum graminifolium Heuff.
Polygonum humifusum K. Koch
Polygonum hyrcanicum Rech. f.
Polygonum icaricum Rech. f.
Polygonum idaeum Hayek
Polygonum karacae Ziel. & Borat.
Polygonum laxmannii Lepech.
Polygonum libani Boiss.
Polygonum longipes Halácsy & Charrel
Polygonum maritimum L.
Polygonum norvegicum (Sam.) Lid
Polygonum oxyspermum Ledeb.
Polygonum palaestinum Zohary
Polygonum papillosum Hartvig
Polygonum paronychioides C. A. Mey.
Polygonum patuliforme Vorosch.
Polygonum patulum M. Bieb.
Polygonum plebeium R. Br.
Polygonum polycnemoides Jaub. & Spach
Polygonum praelongum Coode & Cullen
Polygonum raii Bab.
Polygonum ramosissimum Michx.
Polygonum robertii Loisel.
Polygonum romanum Jacq.
Polygonum rottboellioides Jaub. & Spach
Polygonum sabulosum Vorosch.
Polygonum salebrosum Coode & Cullen
Polygonum salsugineum M. Bieb.
Polygonum samsunicum Yild. & Leblebici
Polygonum scoparium Loisel.
Polygonum setosum Jacq.
Polygonum sivasicum Kit Tan & Yildiz
Polygonum tenorii C. Presl
Polygonum tenuissimum Vorosch.
Polygonum volchovense Tzvelev
Polygonum aviculare aggr.
Polygonum mesembricum aggr.
Common names: Πολύγονον (Greek)[Credits]
Maps: distribution
Occurrence: Ab(A N) AE(G) Ag Al Ar Au(A L) Az(M P T) Be(B L) BH Bl(I M N) Br Bu By Ca(C F G L P T) Cg Co Cr Cs Ct Cy Da Eg Es Fa Fe Ga(C F) Ge Gg(A D G) Gr Hb(E N) He Ho Hs(A G S) Hu Ir Is It Jo La Le Li Lt Lu Ma Md(D M P) Mk Mo No Po Rf(A C CS E K N NW S) Rm Sa ?Sg Si(M S) Sk Sl Sn Sr Su Sy Tn Tu(A E) Uk(K U) [nAz(C F G J L S) aSb]

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