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Details for: Carduus

Source: Greuter, W. (2006+): Compositae (pro parte majore). – In: Greuter, W. & Raab-Straube, E. von (ed.): Compositae. Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Carduus L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 820. 1753
Rank: Genus
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Asterales
                              Familia - Compositae Giseke
                                   Tribus - Cardueae Cass.
Included taxa: Carduus acanthocephalus C. A. Mey.
Carduus acanthoides L.
Carduus acicularis Bertol.
Carduus adpressus C. A. Mey.
Carduus aemilii Briq. & Cavill.
Carduus affinis Guss.
Carduus amanus Rech. f.
Carduus argentatus L.
Carduus argyroa Biv.
Carduus asturicus Franco
Carduus aurosicus Chaix
Carduus baeocephalus Webb
Carduus bourgaei Kazmi
Carduus candicans Waldst. & Kit.
Carduus carduelis (L.) Gren.
Carduus carlinoides Gouan
Carduus carpetanus Boiss. & Reut.
Carduus cephalanthus Viv.
Carduus chevallieri L. Chevall.
Carduus chrysacanthus Ten.
Carduus clavulatus Link
Carduus collinus Waldst. & Kit.
Carduus corymbosus Ten.
Carduus crispus L.
Carduus defloratus L.
Carduus euboicus Franco
Carduus fasciculiflorus Viv.
Carduus fissurae Nyár.
Carduus getulus Pomel
Carduus hamulosus Ehrh.
Carduus kerneri Simonk.
Carduus lanuginosus Willd.
Carduus leptocladus Durieu
Carduus litigiosus Nocca & Balb.
Carduus lusitanicus Rouy
Carduus malyi Greuter
Carduus martinezii Pau
Carduus meonanthus Hoffmanns. & Link
Carduus myriacanthus DC.
Carduus nawaschinii Bordz.
Carduus nervosus K. Koch
Carduus nigrescens Vill.
Carduus novorossicus Portenier
Carduus nutans L.
Carduus olympicus Boiss.
Carduus onopordioides M. Bieb.
Carduus personata (L.) Jacq.
Carduus poliochrus Trautv.
Carduus pycnocephalus L.
Carduus ramosissimus Pančić
Carduus rechingerianus Kazmi
Carduus rivasgodayanus Devesa & Talavera
Carduus seminudus Willd.
Carduus spachianus Durieu
Carduus squarrosus (DC.) Lowe
Carduus tenuiflorus Curtis
Carduus thracicus (Velen.) Hayek
Carduus tmoleus Boiss.
Carduus uncinatus M. Bieb.
Carduus bourgeanus aggr.
Common names: Cardo (Italian), Cardu (Corsican), Chardon (French), Distel (Dutch), Distel (German), Dzelksnis (Latvian), Freshkull (Albanian), Karuohakas (Estonian), Oset (Polish), Piggtistlar (Swedish), Будяк (Ukraine), Магарешки бодил (Bulgarian), Спин (Moldovian), Чертополох (Russian), Шејтангангалы (Azerbaijan), Տատասկափուշ (Armenian), קרדת (Israel (Hebrew)), קַרְדַּת (Israel (Hebrew)), ضَهْياء (Arabic), قَرْدوس (Arabic), Dagys (Lithuanian), Thistle (English)[Credits]
Maps: distribution
Occurrence: Ab(A N) AE(G T) Ag Al Ar Au(A L) Be(B L) BH Bl(I M N) Br Bu By Ca(C F G H L P T) Cg Co Cr Cs Ct Cy Da Eg Es Fe Ga(C F M) Ge Gg Gr Hb(E N) He Ho Hs(A G S) Hu Ir It Jo La Le Li Lt Lu Ma Md(M) dMd(P) Mk Mo No Po Rf(C CS E K N NW S) Rm Sa Si(M S) Sk Sl Sn Sr Su Sy Tn Tu(A E) Uk(K U) [nAz(F G J M P S T) aIs]

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