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Details for: Olea europaea

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Olea europaea L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 8. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Lamiales
                              Familia - Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link
                                   Genus - Olea L.
Included taxa: Olea europaea L. subsp. europaea
Olea europaea subsp. cerasiformis G. Kunkel & Sunding
Olea europaea subsp. guanchica P. Vargas & al.
Olea europaea subsp. laperrinei (Batt. & Trab.) Cif.
Olea europaea subsp. maroccana (Greuter & Burdet) P. Vargas & al.
Common names: acebucha (Galician), acebuche (Spanish, Castillian), acehuche (Spanish, Castillian), aceitonas cordovezas (Portuguese), aceitonas de Sevilla (Portuguese), aceitonas duracias (Portuguese), aceitonas verdeaes (Portuguese), aceituna (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna azufairada de Arola (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna bellotera (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna bellotuda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna cascabelillo (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna cordobesa (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna cornezuelo (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna cornicabra (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna cuquella (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna cuquillana (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de agua (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de bonete (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de cornezuelo (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de figura (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de olor (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de pico (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de rosa (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de sal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna de Sevilla (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna del cuquillo (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna del morret (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna dulce (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna dulce de Mérida (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna dulzal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna gatuna de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna gorda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna gordal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna gordal menor (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna gordal menuda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna grosal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna larga (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna limoncillo (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna limonenca (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna limonera (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna manzanil (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna manzanilla (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna manzanilla de Alora (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna marcida (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna menuda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna menudal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna mollar (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna mollareja (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna morcal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna morcaleña (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna morisca (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna morruda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna morzuda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna mulata (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna negra (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna negreta (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna ocal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna ochavada (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna ojiblanca (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna ovalada (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna picual (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna picuda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna picudal (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna rabuda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna rayada (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna real de Granada (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna redonda (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna regia (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna sevillana (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna sollana (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna sollanenca (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna tachuna (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna tetudilla (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna tomatera (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna valenciana como dátil (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna verdial (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna zofairón (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna zorzaleña (Spanish, Castillian), aceituna zorzaliega (Spanish, Castillian), aceitunas (fruto) (Spanish, Castillian), aceitunas (Spanish, Castillian), aceitunero (Spanish, Castillian), aceituno (Spanish, Castillian), acembuche (Spanish, Castillian), aceytuno (Spanish, Castillian), acibuche (Spanish, Castillian), acituna (Spanish, Castillian), arbequina (Catalan), argudella (Catalan), asembuche (Spanish, Castillian), avellanilla (Spanish, Castillian), azahar del olivo (Spanish, Castillian), azambuche (Spanish, Castillian), azambullo (Spanish, Castillian), azauche (Spanish, Castillian), azuche (Spanish, Castillian), basoliboa (Euskera), bordís (Catalan), bordizo (Spanish, Castillian), bornizo (Aragonese), cadiello (flor) (Aragonese), cadillo (flor) (Aragonese), carrasca (Galician), cendrana (Spanish, Castillian), cornezuela (Spanish, Castillian), cornezuelo gordo (Spanish, Castillian), cornezuelo menudo (Spanish, Castillian), cornezuelo real (Spanish, Castillian), cornicabra (Spanish, Castillian), de agua (Spanish, Castillian), de corniche (Spanish, Castillian), de ramillete (Spanish, Castillian), eulibera (Aragonese), farga (Valencian), gaimelurraitz (Euskera), mamón (Spanish, Castillian), manzanilla (Spanish, Castillian), manzanillo común (Spanish, Castillian), manzanillo gallego (Spanish, Castillian), manzanillo real (Spanish, Castillian), morrocotua (Spanish, Castillian), morrua (Spanish, Castillian), nastre (Majorcan), oastre (Catalan), oleastro (Spanish, Castillian), olibé (Aragonese), olibé (High Aragonese), olibera (Aragonese), olibera (High Aragonese), olibera borde (High Aragonese), olibo (Euskera), oliboa (Euskera), olibondo (Euskera), olibondoa (Euskera), oligai (Euskera), oligaya (Euskera), oliondo (Euskera), oliu (Catalan), oliva (Catalan), oliva (Spanish, Castillian), oliva (Valencian), oliva blanca (Spanish, Castillian), oliva blancaleta (Spanish, Castillian), oliva blanqueta (Spanish, Castillian), oliva cornatillo (Spanish, Castillian), oliva gorda (Spanish, Castillian), oliva gordal (Spanish, Castillian), oliva grosal (Spanish, Castillian), oliva hembra (Spanish, Castillian), oliva macho (Spanish, Castillian), oliva menuda (Spanish, Castillian), oliva ojual (Spanish, Castillian), oliva tachuna (Spanish, Castillian), oliva vera fina de caspe (Spanish, Castillian), olivar (Catalan), olivastro (Spanish, Castillian), olive (Catalan), olivé (Spanish, Castillian), oliveira (Asturian), oliveira (Galician), oliveira (Portuguese), oliveira cordoveza (Portuguese), oliveira ordinaria (Portuguese), oliveira verdeal (Portuguese), oliver (Catalan), oliver arbequín (Catalan), oliver beguerut (Catalan), oliver bord (Catalan), oliver bordís (Catalan), oliver verdiell (Catalan), olivera (Catalan), olivera (Majorcan), olivera (Spanish, Castillian), olivera (Valencian), olivera arbequina (Catalan), olivera bergadana (Catalan), olivera borda (Catalan), olivera caixal de llop (Catalan), olivera de la abundancia (Catalan), olivera de la terra (Catalan), olivera del ram (Catalan), olivera grossal (Catalan), olivera mallorquina (Catalan), olivera meñe (Catalan), olivera negreta (Catalan), olivera olesana (Catalan), olivera palomera (Catalan), olivera palomina (Catalan), olivera serradenca (Catalan), olivera tinenta (Catalan), olivera verdal (Catalan), olivera verdal petita (Catalan), olivera verdiella (Catalan), olivera vigatenca (Catalan), oliveró (Catalan), olives (Catalan), olivo (Aragonese), olivo (Asturian), olivó (Catalan), olivo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo alameño negro (Spanish, Castillian), olivo alameño prieto (Spanish, Castillian), olivo albaideño de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), olivo aroleño (Spanish, Castillian), olivo barrelenco (Spanish, Castillian), olivo bodoquero (Spanish, Castillian), olivo bordizo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo bravo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo campestre (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cañivano blanco (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cañivano negro (Spanish, Castillian), olivo carrasqueño (Spanish, Castillian), olivo caspino (Spanish, Castillian), olivo castizo de Jaén (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cirollal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cirujal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo colchonudo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo común (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cordobés (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cordobil (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cornezuelo pequeño (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cornicabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cornicabra de Castilla (Spanish, Castillian), olivo correal de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo corval (Spanish, Castillian), olivo cuello de paloma de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo de Arola (Spanish, Castillian), olivo de cornezuelo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo de escarabajuelo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo de España (Spanish, Castillian), olivo del racimo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo doncel (Spanish, Castillian), olivo dulce (Spanish, Castillian), olivo dulzal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo ecijano (Spanish, Castillian), olivo empeltre (Spanish, Castillian), olivo erbequín (Spanish, Castillian), olivo erbequín de Solsona (Spanish, Castillian), olivo gatuno de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), olivo hojudo de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), olivo imperial de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), olivo jabaluna (Spanish, Castillian), olivo javacana (Spanish, Castillian), olivo largal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo lechín (Spanish, Castillian), olivo lechín de Jaén (Spanish, Castillian), olivo lechín del valle de Lecrín (Spanish, Castillian), olivo lechín oval (Spanish, Castillian), olivo legítimo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo lengüilla de pájaro de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), olivo llorón de Córdoba (Spanish, Castillian), olivo loaime (Spanish, Castillian), olivo lucio (Spanish, Castillian), olivo macho (Spanish, Castillian), olivo manzaneto (Spanish, Castillian), olivo manzanillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo manzanillo blanco (Spanish, Castillian), olivo manzanillo bravo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo manzanillo negro (Spanish, Castillian), olivo manzanillo-mancha-haldas de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo moradillo temprano (Spanish, Castillian), olivo morado (Spanish, Castillian), olivo morcal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo morcaleño (Spanish, Castillian), olivo morquero de Aspe (Spanish, Castillian), olivo mortero (Spanish, Castillian), olivo negral (Spanish, Castillian), olivo negrillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo negro (Spanish, Castillian), olivo nevadillo blanco (Spanish, Castillian), olivo nevadillo negro (Spanish, Castillian), olivo ocal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo ojo de liebre (Spanish, Castillian), olivo pajarero de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo picholín (Spanish, Castillian), olivo pico de grulla de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo picudillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo picudo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo pie torcido de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo racimal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo racimillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo real (Spanish, Castillian), olivo redondillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo royal (Spanish, Castillian), olivo salduo de Cabra (Spanish, Castillian), olivo serrano (Spanish, Castillian), olivo sevillano (Spanish, Castillian), olivo silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), olivo tordellero (Spanish, Castillian), olivo toril de Somontín (Spanish, Castillian), olivo varal blanco (Spanish, Castillian), olivo varal negro (Spanish, Castillian), olivo verdillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivo zuequecilla (Spanish, Castillian), olivo-lentisco de Higuera la Real (Spanish, Castillian), olivondo (Euskera), ollastre (Catalan), ollastre (Majorcan), pestuga (Spanish, Castillian), pinta lagarto (Spanish, Castillian), pinta zapo (Spanish, Castillian), rabell (Catalan), rabellot (Catalan), ramón (Spanish, Castillian), sevillana (Spanish, Castillian), terralta (Catalan), tramilla (Spanish, Castillian), ullastre (Catalan), ullastre (Valencian), verderola (Catalan), zambuche (Spanish, Castillian), zambujeiro (Galician), zambujeiro (Portuguese), zambujo (Galician), zambujo (Portuguese), zambullo (Galician), zambullo (Spanish, Castillian), zambuxo (Galician)[Credits]
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