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Details for: Phillyrea latifolia

3 different source(s) use this name:

- Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010).
- Euro+Med preliminary checklist as merged from Flora Europaea, Med-Checklist and Flora of Macaronesia (for families not yet treated in Med-Checklist, the distributional record does not include N Africa and SW Asia)..
- Editor Valdés 2009.

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Phillyrea latifolia L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 8. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Lamiales
                              Familia - Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link
                                   Genus - Phillyrea L.
Homotypic synonyms: Olea latifolia (L.) Salisb.
Phillyrea angustifolia subsp. latifolia (L.) Maire
Heterotypic synonyms: Phillyrea aeolica Tineo ex Lojac.
Phillyrea arbutifolia Sennen
Phillyrea barceloi Sennen
Phillyrea barrandonis Sennen
Phillyrea bolivaris Sennen
Phillyrea buxifolia (Aiton) Link
Phillyrea cadevallii Sennen
Phillyrea caroli Sennen
Phillyrea colmeiroana Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia Sennen
Phillyrea coriacea Link
Phillyrea daveauana Sennen
Phillyrea divaricata Vis.
Phillyrea ellipticifolia Sennen
Phillyrea foliosa Sennen
Phillyrea fontserei Sennen
Phillyrea grandifolia Sennen
Phillyrea hybrida Sennen
Phillyrea ilicifolia Willd.
Phillyrea integrifolia Sennen
Phillyrea isabelis Sennen
Phillyrea jahandiezii Sennen
Phillyrea laevis (Aiton) Willd.
Phillyrea levis Ten.
Phillyrea ligustrifolia L.
Phillyrea longifolia Link
Phillyrea longifolia Sennen, nom. illeg.
Phillyrea major Zumagl.
Phillyrea martini Sennen
Phillyrea media L.
Phillyrea medianifolia Sennen
Phillyrea obliqua (Aiton) Willd.
Phillyrea oblongifolia Sennen
Phillyrea obtusata Link
Phillyrea oleifolia Mill.
Phillyrea olleri Sennen
Phillyrea pachyphylla Sennen
Phillyrea pedunculata Bory & Chaub.
Phillyrea pendula (Aiton) Willd.
Phillyrea quercifolia Sennen
Phillyrea racemosa Link
Phillyrea rubioana Sennen
Phillyrea spinosa Mill.
Phillyrea stricta Bertol.
Phillyrea subangustifolia Sennen
Phillyrea trabutii Sennen
Phillyrea valentina Sennen
Phillyrea variabilis Timb.-Lagr. ex Nyman
Phillyrea virgata (Aiton) Willd.
Phillyrea vulgaris Caruel
Phillyrea angustifolia subsp. media (L.) Bonnier & Layens
Phillyrea angustifolia subsp. rodriguezii (P. Monts.) Rivas Mart.
Phillyrea barceloi subsp. flahaultiana Sennen
Phillyrea barceloi subsp. knochei Sennen
Phillyrea barceloi subsp. marcetii Sennen
Phillyrea barceloi subsp. moraudii Sennen
Phillyrea bolivaris subsp. foliosa Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. barrerae Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. burnatii Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. fernandezii Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. gaudiana Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. gonzaleziana Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. navasii Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. oblongifolia Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. parlatorei Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. puigii Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. rabassaletana Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. sallentii Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. sanmiguelis Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. vinyalsii Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia subsp. webbiana Sennen
Phillyrea ellipticifolia subsp. bordoyana Sennen
Phillyrea laevis subsp. gastonis Sennen
Phillyrea latifolia subsp. daninii Valdés
Phillyrea latifolia subsp. media (L.) P. Fourn.
Phillyrea latifolia subsp. rodriguezii (P. Monts.) Romo
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. andreuana Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. briquetii Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. closiana Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. degenii Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. forestieri Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. grandifolia Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. laguardae Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. laurifolia Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. loretii Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. maireana Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. pardilloana Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. pujiulae Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. reynieri Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. salvadoris Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. tournefortii Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. unamunoana Sennen
Phillyrea longifolia subsp. vidalii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. aguilaris Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. allorgeana Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. bercialis Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. caballeroi Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. castellana Sennen & Elias
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. crenatifolia Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. danielis Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. dionysiana Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. fernandii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. flichei Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. heracliana Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. heribaudii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. ilicifolia Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. jordanii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. luciae Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. maurorum Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. montserratensis Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. neriifolia Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. paui Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. prunellifolia Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. souliei Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. timbalii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. tortesii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. vayedana Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subsp. verdagueri Sennen
Phillyrea pachyphylla subsp. augustinii Sennen
Phillyrea quercifolia subsp. floribunda Sennen
Phillyrea quercifolia subsp. hickelis Sennen
Phillyrea quercifolia subsp. xavieri Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. alaternifolia Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. cneorifolia Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. martonnei Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. mezerifolia Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. microdonta Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. patxoti Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. rigoi Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. sagarrae Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. stricta (Bertol.) Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. sudrei Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. valdesulcata Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. vallisvidrerae Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia subsp. virgata (Aiton) Sennen
Phillyrea cordifolia var. strobli Sennen
Phillyrea latifolia var. laevis Aiton
Phillyrea latifolia var. obliqua Aiton
Phillyrea latifolia var. rodriguezii (P. Monts.) O. Bolòs & Vigo
Phillyrea latifolia var. spinosa (Mill.) Aiton
Phillyrea media var. buxifolia Aiton
Phillyrea media var. ligustrifolia (L.) Aiton
Phillyrea media var. oleifolia (Mill.) Aiton
Phillyrea media var. pendula Aiton
Phillyrea media var. rodriguezii P. Monts.
Phillyrea media var. virgata Aiton
Phillyrea medianifolia var. anselmii Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia var. balearica Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia var. buxifolia (Aiton) Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia var. corsica Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia var. costei Sennen
Phillyrea spinosa var. grandidentata Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia var. diazii Sennen
Phillyrea subangustifolia var. oleastrifolia Sennen
Phillyrea medianifolia subvar. stroblii Sennen
Common names: acebo portugués (Spanish, Castillian), aderno (Galician), aderno (Portuguese), aderno bastardo (Portuguese), aderno-de-folhas-largas (Portuguese), adorna (Portuguese), adorna (Spanish, Castillian), agracejo (Spanish, Castillian), agracio (Spanish, Castillian), agraço (Portuguese), agrassot (Catalan), aladera mitjá (Valencian), aladern (Majorcan), aladern de fulla ampla (Catalan), aladern de fulla ampla (Majorcan), aladern de fulla ampla (Valencian), aladern de fuya ampla (Majorcan), aladern fals (Catalan), aladern michá (Valencian), aladern mijá (Valencian), aladern mitjá (Catalan), aladern mitjà (Catalan), alavern (Majorcan), alheña (Spanish, Castillian), alzina borda (Catalan), arrayán (Spanish, Castillian), basolibo (Euskera), carnapiu blanqueru (Asturian), carnapiu negral (Asturian), coscó mascle (Catalan), feleria (Catalan), fileria (Catalan), filida (Spanish, Castillian), filirea (Spanish, Castillian), filirea con hoja de adelfa (Spanish, Castillian), filirea con hojas de alheña (Spanish, Castillian), filirea con hojas de laurel serradas y puntiagudas (Spanish, Castillian), filirea de hoja ancha espinosa (Spanish, Castillian), garratz (Euskera), gartxu arrunt (Euskera), gartxu hostozabal (Euskera), gartxu hostozabala (Euskera), gatoll (Catalan), grazu (Asturian), grezu (Asturian), grezu montés (Asturian), grijano (Spanish, Castillian), h.ueya (Asturian), labiérnaga (Spanish, Castillian), labiernago (Spanish, Castillian), labiérnago (Spanish, Castillian), labiernago mediano (Spanish, Castillian), labiérnago negro (Spanish, Castillian), labiernago oscuro (Spanish, Castillian), labiérnago oscuro (Spanish, Castillian), labiernago prieto (Spanish, Castillian), labiérnago prieto (Spanish, Castillian), labiérnigo negro (Spanish, Castillian), ladierna (Spanish, Castillian), ladierna agracejo (Spanish, Castillian), ladierna de hoja ancha (Spanish, Castillian), lentisco (Spanish, Castillian), ligustro (Spanish, Castillian), lladern (Catalan), lladern mitjà (Catalan), olibastro (Euskera), olibeta (High Aragonese), olivillo (Spanish, Castillian), olivu montés (Asturian), philyrea larga (Portuguese), philyrea mediana (Portuguese), philyria (Portuguese), piadera (Spanish, Castillian), sanguino (Spanish, Castillian), zilindur-blanko (Euskera)[Credits]
Maps: distribution
Occurrence: AE(G) Ag Al Bl Bu Co Cr Cy Ga Gr Hs IJ It Ju Li LS Lu Ma Sa Si Tn Tu(A E) [Ca]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Phillyrea latifolia L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 8. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Spermatophyta
          Subdivisio - Angiospermae
               Class - Dicotyledones
                    Ordo - Lamiales
                         Familia - Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link
                              Genus - Phillyrea L.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Phillyrea latifolia L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 8. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Lamiales
                              Familia - Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link
                                   Genus - Phillyrea L.

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