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Details for: Mentha aquatica

Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Mentha aquatica L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 576. 1753
Rank: Species
Is replaced synonym for: Mentha aquatica var. nemorosa Fr.
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Asteranae
                         Ordo - Lamiales
                              Familia - Lamiaceae Lindl.
                                   Genus - Mentha L.
Homotypic synonyms: Marrubium aquaticum (L.) Uspensky
Mentha aquatica var. nemorosa Fr., des. inval.
Heterotypic synonyms: Mentha acuta Opiz
Mentha acutata Opiz
Mentha affinis Boreau, nom. illeg.
Mentha aromatica Opiz ex Déségl.
Mentha augusta Opiz ex Déségl.
Mentha auneticensis Opiz
Mentha aurita Weihe ex Fresen.
Mentha avellinii Tod. ex Bertol.
Mentha avellinii Tod. ex Lojac.
Mentha brachiata Weihe ex Fresen.
Mentha bugulifolia Weihe ex Fresen.
Mentha calaminthifolia (Vis.) Heinr. Braun
Mentha capitata Opiz
Mentha cetica Heinr. Braun
Mentha chaixii Strail
Mentha cordata Jan ex Nyman
Mentha crenatodentata Strail
Mentha denticulata Strail
Mentha deseglisei Malinv., nom. illeg.
Mentha dubia Chaix ex Vill.
Mentha dunensis Strail
Mentha duriuscula (Heinr. Braun & Topitz) Trautm.
Mentha duriuscula Heinr. Braun & Topitz
Mentha elongata (Pérard) Heinr. Braun
Mentha eriantha K. Koch
Mentha glabra Colla, nom. illeg.
Mentha glomerata Stokes
Mentha grandidentata Strail
Mentha hirsuta Huds.
Mentha hirta Caldas, nom. illeg.
Mentha hybrida Aresch.
Mentha hygrophila Topitz
Mentha hystrix Heinr. Braun
Mentha incisoserrata Strail
Mentha intermedia Host, nom. illeg.
Mentha lateovata Strail
Mentha latifolia Nolte ex Hornem., nom. illeg.
Mentha limicola Strail
Mentha limnetes (Topitz) Trautm.
Mentha limosa (Schur) Heinr. Braun
Mentha littoralis Strail
Mentha lloydii Boreau
Mentha lobeliana (Becker) Heinr. Braun
Mentha macrocephala Strail
Mentha microcephala Strail
Mentha nederheimensis Strail
Mentha nigrescens Weihe ex Fresen.
Mentha obliqua Raf.
Mentha obtuseserrata Opiz ex Malinv.
Mentha obtusifolia Opiz ex Déségl.
Mentha origanoides Lej. ex Fingerh., nom. illeg.
Mentha origanoides Ten.
Mentha ortmanniana Opiz
Mentha paludosa Sole
Mentha palustris Mill.
Mentha pedunculata Pers.
Mentha pireana Strail
Mentha polyanthetica (Topitz) Trautm.
Mentha probabilis Schur
Mentha purpurea Host
Mentha pyrifolia A. Kern., nom. illeg.
Mentha pyrifolia Heinr. Braun
Mentha ramosissima Strail
Mentha ranina Opiz
Mentha rauscheri Topitz
Mentha riparia Lej. ex Malinv., nom. illeg.
Mentha riparia Schreb.
Mentha rudaeana Opiz
Mentha sativa Sm., nom. illeg.
Mentha soleana Strail
Mentha stagnalis (Topitz) Trautm.
Mentha stagnalis Topitz
Mentha stolonifera Opiz
Mentha subspicata Weihe ex Fresen.
Mentha tinantiana Lej. ex Malinv.
Mentha trojana Heinr. Braun
Mentha umbrosa Opiz
Mentha urticifolia Ten.
Mentha viennensis Opiz
Mentha weiheana Opiz
Mentha weissenburgensis F. W. Schultz ex Nyman, des. inval.
Mentha aquatica subsp. bakeri Briq.
Mentha aquatica subsp. capitata Fr.
Mentha aquatica subsp. caput-medusae Trautm. & Urum.
Mentha aquatica subsp. hirsuta (Huds.) Wimm. & Grab.
Mentha aquatica subsp. lanigera Briq.
Mentha aquatica subsp. lloydii (Boreau) Nyman
Mentha aquatica var. acuta (Opiz) Heinr. Braun
Mentha aquatica var. affinis Rouy
Mentha aquatica var. agenensis Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. arguta Laj. ex Malino
Mentha aquatica var. barbigera Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. bicknellii Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. briquetiana Rouy
Mentha aquatica var. calaminthifolia Vis.
Mentha aquatica var. capitata (Opiz) Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. carolovicensis Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. chaixii Timb.-Lagr.
Mentha aquatica var. cheitessa Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. cordata Prodán
Mentha aquatica var. crenatodentata (Strail) Heinr. Braun
Mentha aquatica var. denticulata (Strail) Heinr. Braun
Mentha aquatica var. dubia (Chaix ex Vill.) Rouy
Mentha aquatica var. duriuscula Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. elongata (Pérard) Pérard
Mentha aquatica var. eriantha (K. Koch) Nyman
Mentha aquatica var. eriomastix Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. erromena Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. gracilis Wimm. & Grab., nom. illeg.
Mentha aquatica var. grandidentata (Strail) Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. hirsuta (Huds.) Fr.
Mentha aquatica var. hypeuria Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. incisoserrata (Strail) Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. latifolia Wimm. & Grab.
Mentha aquatica var. leptocephala Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. limnetes Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. limnobia Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. lloydii (Boreau) Gren.
Mentha aquatica var. lobeliana Becker
Mentha aquatica var. lupulina Briq., nom. superfl.
Mentha aquatica var. major Sole
Mentha aquatica var. metabola Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. minor Sole
Mentha aquatica var. oblongifolia Wimm. & Grab.
Mentha aquatica var. oblongifolia Wimm. & Grab., nom. illeg.
Mentha aquatica var. odorata Fr.
Mentha aquatica var. ortmanniana (Opiz) Heinr. Braun
Mentha aquatica var. ovalifolia Wimm. & Grab., nom. illeg.
Mentha aquatica var. pedunculata (Pers.) Heinr. Braun
Mentha aquatica var. plerotricha Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. polyanthetica Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. pseudopiperita Tausch
Mentha aquatica var. psilophylla Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. pyrifolia (Heinr. Braun) Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. rauscheri (Topitz) Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. riparia Strail
Mentha aquatica var. stagnalis Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. suavifolia Fr.
Mentha aquatica var. subdentata Jancic
Mentha aquatica var. subintegrifolia Strail
Mentha aquatica var. subsativa Fr.
Mentha aquatica var. subspicata (Weihe ex Fresen.) Benth.
Mentha aquatica var. turrita Briq.
Mentha aquatica var. vericicola Topitz
Mentha aquatica var. weiheana (Opiz) Heinr. Braun
Mentha arvensis var. sativa Benth., nom. superfl.
Mentha hirsuta var. aquatica Lej. & Courtois
Mentha hirsuta var. latifolia Becker
Mentha hirsuta var. legitima Becker
Mentha hirsuta var. limosa Schur
Mentha hirsuta var. origanoides (Ten.) Nyman
Mentha hirsuta var. purpurea Host ex Heinr. Braun
Mentha hirsuta var. riparia (Schreb.) Becker
Mentha hirsuta var. subspicata Becker
Mentha lloydii var. opaca Topitz
Mentha ortmanniana var. minoriflora Borbás ex Heinr. Braun
Mentha riparia var. acuta (Opiz) Heinr. Braun
Mentha riparia var. angustata Opiz ex Heinr. Braun
Mentha riparia var. umbraticola Heinr. Braun
Mentha riparia var. umbrosa (Opiz) Heinr. Braun
Mentha rudaeana var. ranina (Opiz) Heinr. Braun
Mentha aquatica subvar. hirsuta (Huds.) Rouy
Mentha aquatica f. aradensis Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. brachiata Wimm. & Grab.
Mentha aquatica f. elongata Pérard
Mentha aquatica f. gnaphalifrons Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. hirsuta (Huds.) Pérard
Mentha aquatica f. icmadogena Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. illensis Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. lasiotricha Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. latiovalis Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. limosa (Schur) Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. lobeliana (Becker) Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. luxurians Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. macrocephalota Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. macrophylla Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. maculosa Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. madaquensis Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. maxima Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. minor Pérard, nom. illeg.
Mentha aquatica f. obscura Wimm. & Grab.
Mentha aquatica f. perlata Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. pontica Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. pseudopiperita (Tausch) Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. purpurea (Host)
Mentha aquatica f. pusilla Pérard
Mentha aquatica f. riparia (Schreb.) Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. schlinseana Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. serratula Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. silesiaca Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. slavonica Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. solida Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. stoderiana Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. subhirsuta Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. subriparia Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. subsessilifolia Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. tiroliensis Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. trichophylla Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. uberrima Topitz
Mentha aquatica f. valdelata Topitz
Mentha subspicata f. bracteosa Pérard
Mentha subspicata f. hirsuta Pérard
Common names: albarsana (Valencian), alfabega de pastor (Valencian), alfàbrega de pastor (Catalan), alfàbrega de pastot (Catalan), almaro (Spanish, Castillian), amenta (Galician), amenta de auga (Galician), cicimbre (Galician), herba d’aigua (Majorcan), herba de lavanda (Majorcan), herba puçera (Valencian), herba sana (Valencian), herba sana borda (Valencian), herba sana d´aigua (Majorcan), herba sana d´aygua (Valencian), herba-sana borda (Majorcan), herbassana d’aigu (Majorcan), hierba buena de agua (Spanish, Castillian), hierba morisca (Spanish, Castillian), hierba rizada (Spanish, Castillian), hierba sana (Spanish, Castillian), hierbabuena (Spanish, Castillian), hierbabuena morisca (Spanish, Castillian), hierbabuena rizada (Spanish, Castillian), hortelâ da agua (Portuguese), hortelâ de água (Portuguese), hortelâa (Portuguese), hortelaâ aquatica (Portuguese), hortelaâ da agoa (Portuguese), hortelaâ do río (Portuguese), hortelaâ dos rios (Portuguese), hortelâ-da-água (Portuguese), hortolana de perro (Spanish, Castillian), mastranzos de agua (Spanish, Castillian), menta (Asturian), menta (Catalan), menta (Spanish, Castillian), menta acuática (Portuguese), menta acuática (Spanish, Castillian), menta d’aigua (Catalan), menta d’aigua (Valencian), menta d´aigua (Catalan), menta de agua (Spanish, Castillian), menta de río (Spanish, Castillian), menta de riu (Catalan), menta rizada (Spanish, Castillian), mentha crespa (Portuguese), mentha dos rios (Portuguese), neveda do río (Portuguese), ortelâa (Portuguese), ortelaâ dos rios (Portuguese), paupeley (Majorcan), poleo de río (Spanish, Castillian), poleos (Spanish, Castillian), poléu (Asturian), presta (Spanish, Castillian), sándalo (Spanish, Castillian), sándalo colorado (Spanish, Castillian), sándalo de agua (Spanish, Castillian), sándalo de jardín (Spanish, Castillian), sándalo macho (Spanish, Castillian), sándalo real (Spanish, Castillian), sisymbrio (Spanish, Castillian), té (Spanish, Castillian), té bravo (Spanish, Castillian), té de la vega (Spanish, Castillian), té de prado (Spanish, Castillian), té de río (Spanish, Castillian), té de vega (Spanish, Castillian), té moruno (Spanish, Castillian), xipa-belar (Euskera), xipa-belarra (Euskera), xipar-belar (Euskera), yerba buena (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena aquatica (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena de agua (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena de las huertas (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena del agua (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena morisca (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena morisca de jaraba (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena murciana (Spanish, Castillian), yerba buena rizada (Spanish, Castillian), yerba tixana (Asturian), yerbabuena (Asturian), yerbabuena (Spanish, Castillian), yerbasanta (Spanish, Castillian)[Credits]
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