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Details for: Helianthemum

2 different source(s) use this name:

- Euro+Med preliminary checklist as merged from Flora Europaea, Med-Checklist and Flora of Macaronesia (for families not yet treated in Med-Checklist, the distributional record does not include N Africa and SW Asia)..
- Euro+Med PlantBase 2010.

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Name: Helianthemum Mill.
Nomencl. ref.: Gard. Dict. Abr., ed. 4. 1754
Rank: Genus
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Spermatophyta
          Subdivisio - Angiospermae
               Class - Dicotyledones
                    Ordo - Malvales Bercht. & J. Presl
                         Familia - Cistaceae Juss.

Source: Raab-Straube, E. von (2018): Cistaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA-3.0 Unported).

Name: Helianthemum Mill.
Nomencl. ref.: Gard. Dict. Abr., ed. 4. 1754
Rank: Genus
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Rosanae
                         Ordo - Malvales Bercht. & J. Presl
                              Familia - Cistaceae Juss.
Heterotypic synonyms: Atlanthemum Raynaud
Rhodax Spach
Included taxa: Helianthemum abelardoi Alcaraz
Helianthemum aegyptiacum (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum aganae Marrero Rodr. & R. Mesa
Helianthemum aguloi Marrero Rodr. & R. Mesa
Helianthemum allionii Tineo
Helianthemum almeriense Pau
Helianthemum alpestre (Jacq.) DC.
Helianthemum alypoides Losa & Rivas Goday
Helianthemum angustatum Pomel
Helianthemum antitauricum P. H. Davis & Coode
Helianthemum apenninum (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum asperum Dunal
Helianthemum baschkirorum (Kupat.) Tzvelev
Helianthemum bramwelliorum Marrero Rodr.
Helianthemum broussonetii Dunal
Helianthemum buschii (Palib.) Juz. & Pozdeeva
Helianthemum bystropogophyllum Svent.
Helianthemum canariense (Jacq.) Pers.
Helianthemum canum (L.) Baumg.
Helianthemum caput-felis Boiss.
Helianthemum cinereum (Cav.) Pers.
Helianthemum cirae A. Santos
Helianthemum ciscaucasicum Juz. & Pozdeeva
Helianthemum confertum Dunal
Helianthemum crassifolium Pers.
Helianthemum creticola Klokov & Dobrocz.
Helianthemum cretophilum Klokov & Dobrocz.
Helianthemum croceum (Desf.) Pers.
Helianthemum dianicum Pérez Dacosta & al.
Helianthemum dichroum Kunze
Helianthemum edetanum Mateo & al.
Helianthemum ellipticum (Desf.) Pers.
Helianthemum eriocephalum Pomel
Helianthemum geniorum Maire
Helianthemum georgicum Juz. & Pozdeeva
Helianthemum germanicopolitanum Bornm.
Helianthemum getulum Pomel
Helianthemum glaucescens (Murb.) Tzvelev
Helianthemum gonzalezferreri Marrero Rodr.
Helianthemum grosii Pau & Font Quer
Helianthemum guerrae Sánchez-Gómez & al.
Helianthemum helianthemoides (Desf.) Grosser
Helianthemum hirtum (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum hymettium Boiss. & Heldr.
Helianthemum inaguae Marrero Rodr. & al.
Helianthemum italicum (L.) Pers.
Helianthemum jonium Lacaita
Helianthemum juliae Wildpret
Helianthemum kahiricum Delile
Helianthemum kotschyanum Boiss.
Helianthemum ledifolium (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum leptophyllum Dunal
Helianthemum linii A. Santos
Helianthemum lippii (L.) Dum. Cours.
Helianthemum lunulatum (All.) DC.
Helianthemum marifolium (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum maritimum Pomel
Helianthemum marminorense Alcaraz & al.
Helianthemum marmoreum Stevan. & al.
Helianthemum mathezii Dobignard
Helianthemum morisianum Bertol.
Helianthemum motae Sánchez-Gómez & al.
Helianthemum nebrodense Guss.
Helianthemum neopiliferum Muñoz Garm. & C. Navarro
Helianthemum nummularium (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum obtusifolium Dunal
Helianthemum oelandicum (L.) Dum. Cours.
Helianthemum orientale (Grosser) Juz. & Pozdeeva
Helianthemum origanifolium (Lam.) Pers.
Helianthemum pannosum Boiss.
Helianthemum papillare Boiss.
Helianthemum pergamaceum Pomel
Helianthemum pinegense Tzvelev
Helianthemum polyanthum (Desf.) Pers.
Helianthemum polygonoides Peinado & al.
Helianthemum pomeridianum Dunal
Helianthemum raskebdanae M. Á. Alonso & al.
Helianthemum ruficomum (Viv.) Spreng.
Helianthemum rupifragum A. Kern.
Helianthemum salicifolium (L.) Mill.
Helianthemum sancti-antonii Boiss.
Helianthemum sanguineum (Lag.) Dunal
Helianthemum sauvagei Raynaud
Helianthemum schweinfurthii Grosser
Helianthemum scopulicola L. Sáez & al.
Helianthemum sicanorum Brullo & al.
Helianthemum squamatum (L.) Pers.
Helianthemum stevenii Juz. & Pozdeeva
Helianthemum stipulatum (Forssk.) C. Chr.
Helianthemum strickeri Grosser
Helianthemum syriacum (Jacq.) Dum. Cours.
Helianthemum syrticum (Viv.) Spreng.
Helianthemum teneriffae Coss.
Helianthemum tholiforme Bramwell & al.
Helianthemum thymiphyllum Svent.
Helianthemum ventosum Boiss.
Helianthemum vesicarium Boiss.
Helianthemum villosum Pers.
Helianthemum violaceum (Cav.) Pers.
Helianthemum virgatum (Desf.) Pers.
Helianthemum viscarium Boiss. & Reut.
Helianthemum viscidulum Boiss.
Helianthemum zheguliense Tzvelev
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