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Details for: Asparagus officinalis
Source: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Name: Asparagus officinalis L.
Nomencl. ref.: Sp. Pl.: 313. 1753
Rank: Species
Taxonomy (this taxon is included in): Regnum - Plantae
     Divisio - Tracheophyta
          Subdivisio - Spermatophytina
               Class - Magnoliopsida
                    Superordo - Lilianae
                         Ordo - Asparagales
                              Familia - Asparagaceae
                                   Genus - Asparagus Tourn. ex L.
Included taxa: Asparagus officinalis L. subsp. officinalis
Asparagus officinalis subsp. prostratus (Dumort.) Corb.
Taxon Notes: Widley cultivated as a vegetable.
Common names: aspárago (Galician), aspargo (Portuguese), aspargo hortense (Portuguese), asparguls (Catalan), asparraguera (Catalan), asparrech (Catalan), asparrechs (Catalan), espàrec (Catalan), esparechs cultivads (Majorcan), espareguera (Catalan), espareguera (Majorcan), espareguera (Valencian), espargâo (Portuguese), espargo (Aragonese), espargo (Galician), espargo (High Aragonese), espargo (Portuguese), espargo (Spanish, Castillian), espargo hortense (Portuguese), espargo medicinal (Portuguese), espargo-hortense (Galician), espargo-hortense (Portuguese), espàrgol (Catalan), espargolera (Catalan), espargolera (Valencian), espargueira (Galician), espargueira (Portuguese), esparguera (Aragonese), esparguera (High Aragonese), esparguera (Spanish, Castillian), espargulera (Catalan), esparquera (Aragonese), esparquera (High Aragonese), espárrago (Aragonese), espárrago (Galician), espárrago (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago blanco (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago común (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago cultivado (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago de huerta (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago de jardín (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago derecho (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago hortense (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago hortense cultivado (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago oficinal (Spanish, Castillian), espárrago triguero (Spanish, Castillian), esparragoa (Euskera), espárragos (Aragonese), espárragos (brote) (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos de Alcalá (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos de Aranjuez (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos de Dalias (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos de jardín (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos de Talavera (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos de trigo (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos soteños (Spanish, Castillian), espárragos trigueros (Spanish, Castillian), esparragueira (Galician), esparraguera (Aragonese), esparraguera (Catalan), esparraguera (High Aragonese), esparraguera (Majorcan), esparraguera (Spanish, Castillian), esparraguera común (Spanish, Castillian), esparraguera cultivada (Majorcan), esparraguera cultivada (Spanish, Castillian), esparraguera de huerta (Spanish, Castillian), esparraguera silvestre (Spanish, Castillian), esparraguetes (Spanish, Castillian), espàrrec (Catalan), esparrech (Catalan), esparrech d´hort (Valencian), esparreguer (Catalan), esparreguera (Catalan), esperreguera (Majorcan), frantsesporru (Euskera)[Credits]
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